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Horse Racing: Tell Me How?

18 May 2020
Alex Marsh 18 May 2020
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  • Industry experts of racing will feature in a webinar series launching soon
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Horse Racing: Tell Me How? will be a series of racing webinars aimed at assisting prospective owners. (Getty)

Horse Racing: Tell Me How?

Horse owner Corey Smith is launching a series of webinars targeted at educating aspiring owners and racing enthusiasts about the commercial side of thoroughbred racing.

The series, which is entitled Horse Racing: Tell Me How?, is attempting to build a network of like-minded fans by assisting them in furthering their racing knowledge.

Smith, who is aiming to start producing the webinars by the end of the month, will be joined by trainers Troy Corstens, Archie Alexander, Mitch Freedman and Ciaron Maher along with support staff from Stables such as Matt Tillett (McEvoy Mitchell) and Will Bourne (Ciaron Maher Racing).

Complementing this outstanding list will be Simon Vivian (Inglis), James Price (CEO of Woodside Park Stud) as well as Pedigree analyst and Breeder Kristen Manning, who's the author of racing books that include Fields Of Omagh, Prince Of Penzance: The Extraordinary 2015 Melbourne Cup and Gauch.
Smith believes the series will provide participants with valuable information to help better understand horse pedigrees, sales processes as well as giving followers the tools to do their own research.

"I wanted to do this because I feel there are a large number of people that love horse racing and I am one of them, that are perhaps embarrassed and ultimately, just a little unsure on how the commercial side of racing works,” he said.

"For myself, I'd love to build a massive network of people that want to be involved in horse racing via any capacity, but importantly, ensuring we also have some fun along the way.

"Where this will lead will honestly be led by the participants more than anything as they are the ones we want to run it for."

Further motivation for Smith to make things simpler for interested owners came via an interactive webinar he undertook which focused on thoroughbred breeding.

"It was run by a guy called Jack Cantillon in Ireland and it was extremely insightful," he said.

"Basically you had a brief each week and had to do homework then afterwards you then had the webinar which discussed these briefs with the experts.

"It was a great concept but I felt it was very testing and if you strip back horse racing further, most people in the general public first get involved by watching a race or going to the races at some stage so I wondered what I could do to help these people like myself get more information on the industry, but without having to invest further dollars to do so, so this is what I came up with."

Smith is awaiting a meeting with Racing Victoria which he hopes gives him an endorsement on top of the support he already has from industry professionals.

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