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Meet the award-winning journalists and tipsters on behind some of our most successful betting tips, stories, analyses and explainers. That way, you’ll know who to follow for deep insights in sports betting tips and sports reporting.
Alex Marsh
Looking to push his love and knack of racing into something permanent, Alex's first official post in the thoroughbred industry was as a steward in the Northern Territory before making the move back down to Victoria in 2014. Alex has had numerous roles across the racing industry over recent years in bloodstock, form analysis and the media.

Alex's experience across many racing jurisdictions as a writer gives readers profitable insights and angles.

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Jeremy Darke
Jeremy is a freelance journalist who is a true sports activist. A die-hard fan of the NRL all his life and also has a passion for all the major American sports.

From when he was a little fella he has played most sports ranging from rugby, ice hockey, tennis and football, just to name a few. His interest in analytics and statistics helps him find the edge while writing previews and being a regular tipster.

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Ryan Tucker
Ryan's love for sport traverses many countries and cultures. From humble beginnings in Western Sydney growing up playing and refereeing Rugby League to running European wide Australian Rules Football tournaments there is a mountain of experience in between. 

Multiple trips to North America has also deepened the love for the four major US sports and a continuing dream to catch as much live action as possible.

Stats and data analysis has now outgrown the hobby tag and the countless models and simulations are now being put to good use writing previews and predictions for NRL.

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Ben Darvill
Ben is a sports journalist with over a decade of experience in the biggest sports and events. With a degree in English and Creative Writing, Ben has been able to turn his passion for sport and writing into a successful career as a tipster of a wide range of sports.
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Gary Emmerson
Gary has been writing about sport for more than 25 years and graduated with a degree in media and journalism. He has worked for newspapers and online, covering everything from horse racing to soccer.

A fan of Richmond Tigers, Sunderland and T20 cricket, he can be found watching multi screens of sports at any one time.
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Martin Pennington
Martin Pennington is a sports and betting enthusiast as well as a former odds compiler/trader for a leading European Sportsbook.

He has a keen interest in international horse racing, particularly Australian racing and he has written and reported on the sport for a number of leading publications around the world.
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Jon Vine
Jon has been a sports writer and tipster for over ten years. Over the last six years, he has become completely immersed in all things horse racing and provides with our international racing tips from the UK, Europe, Dubai and and North America.
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Leigh Copson
Leigh is a sports writer with over two decades of experience, spending several years working for the Press Association. During his career he has covered some of the biggest sporting events on the planet, including the Super Bowl, the Champions League Final and the World Cup Final.
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Ralph Staniforth
Ralph's great passion for sport and this led him into the world of sports journalism, while coaching on the side. Since 2012 Ralph has worked as a journalist and covered many topics from business to sport.
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Rick Morris
Rick Morris is a long time horse racing and footy follower, who brings his love of the sports to with weekly analysis of Queensland racing, and AFL previews during the season.

'Slick Rick' co-hosted The Winners APlenty Sports & Racing show on Saturday mornings with 88.6 Plenty Valley FM for 16 years, along with 12 years of commentating AFL Under 18s NAB League footy.

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Jonah Baker
Although he loves a BBQ and beer, Jonah is a big fan of European Sport with his specialty coming in soccer. A supporter of Manchester United, James is beginning his career in journalism. One day wishing to work on TV covering international sports, James has decided to kick start his career writing previews on what he knows best.
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