Live Sports Results

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Live Horse Racing Results

Horse racing is the only sport in Australia that is conducted 364 days a year. There's numerous meetings on any given day and the weekend's are jam-packed, with double figure meetings taking precedence in the country.

Check our live horse racing results section to keep up to date with the latest on the finishing positions from right around Australia.

Live AFL Results

AFL is Australia's homegrown sport which means it holds a special place in our hearts.

Check back here after the conclusion of every round for the AFL results as well as anaylsis of how each team fared throughout,

Live Rugby League Results

One of Australia's favourite football codes, the NRL is the premier rugby league competition in the world.

For up to the minute news and live rugby league results on the NRL and the other major competitions visit Bets.

Live Rugby Union Results

Rugby Union is a major football code within the Commonwealth and the World Cup capitvates Australia every four years.

Whether it's the Wallabies or the Super Rugby Tourament, you can be assured that we'll have the latest live rugby union results ready at Bets.

Live Tennis Results

Tennis is one of the most prolific sports in the world with matches and tournaments running almost every single day.

For all the major tournaments like the Australian Open and Wimbledon you can visit us here for your live tennis results.

Live Soccer Results

Soccer is the world's game with the English Premier League, A-League and the World Cup just to name a few of the tournaments that captivate audiences.

Check back here in the aftermath of all the big matches for live soccer results, scores and analysis on the world's best competitions.

Live Cricket Results

Cricket is Australia's national pastime and with three variations on the great game there's plenty of action 12 months of the year for lovers of leather on willow.

Whether it's the Ashes or the T20 world cup, we'll provide live cricket results following the conclusion of the major events in the sport.

Live Golf Results

Golf is a sport that has tournaments running throughout the year.

The USA and UK are the top countries but Australia's rapidly growing in this sector with plenty of great tournaments popping up at conclusion of the regular golf seasons.

You can check back here in the aftermath of the major tournaments for live golf results and anaylsis on how your favourite golfers fared.

Live Basketball Results

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world with every major nation in the world harbouring a league.

The NBA is the pinnacle of the sport but Australia's NBL is hot on its heels with the standard of the competition rising with every year.

Live basketball results can be found at Bets from both home and aboard

Live NFL Results

American football is a sport that transcends the country itself. Gridiron's popularity extends to all corners of the globe, with games played now in overseas, highlighting its appeal.

Live NFL results can be found right here at the conclusion of every game.

Live Harness Racing Results

Harness racing is one of the major racing codes around the world with the sport thriving in Australia, New Zealand, France and even North America.

For all the major races and other live harness racing results check back here.

Live Greyhound Racing Results

Australia is the top greyhound racing nation in the world with the best breeding and the largest prize money pools.

Greyhound racing fans can check back here in the aftermath of the races for the latest results.