Baseball Betting Tips & Game Previews

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It is known as America's past-time and the United States' favourite summer sport.

Baseball is an insitutiion to the people of the USA with the game part of popular culture throughout the ages.

Baseball Bookmaker Odds

The World Series is the top prize in Major League Baseball, the top league in all of world baseball.

World Series Odds
LA Dodgers$3.75
New York Yankees$4.33
Houston Astros$4.50
Atlanta Braves$8
Minnesota Twins$12
Chicago Cubs$19
Philadelphia Phillies$21
Tampa Bay Rays$21

Baseball Fixtures

Consisting of 162 regular season games, the post-season and the World Series, the MLB goes for well over six months.

The unofficial start to the MLB season starts in January with 'spring training' but the regular season typically kicks off in March. 

The regular season lasts around seven months, with the 2019 edition scheduled to end at September 29. October 1 sees the post-season come into full swing, with the final two remaining teams finally meeting in the World Series on October 30.

Baseball Results

For all the latest baseball results, news, views and betting previews check the bottom of the page.

Baseball Betting Options

There are number of baseball betting options for punters keen to get on America's pastime.

Win: The most basic of baseball bets. Simply pick the team you think will win. Winning bets though are subject to delcared starters, if there are last minute changes to the line up you bet may not stand.

Total runs: This is as simple as picking how many runs you think will be scored in the match. The bookie will set an over/under market on the match and it's your job to select if you think the teams will combine to exceed or fail the line set.

World Series winner: This is the future bet of the MLB. Simply put a wager on the team you think will hoist the trophy at the conclusion of the season. Odds are much better at the beginning of the season but you can bet on this market all throughout the season.

MVP betting: Who will be voted as the best player in the MLB this season? If you can answer that question, then you stand to make a very tidy dividend. Odds are extremely high at the start of the season but as it continues players will shorten or balloon out depending on their level of play. 

Baseball Live Streaming

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