Bet on Novelty Markets

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Novelty betting is unique given there's no real specific markets that always go up. 

However, when something comes up we'll provide a betting strategy for the novelty betting markets.

Novelty Betting Bookmaker Odds

We'll provide the novelty betting bookmaker odds for the bigger events right here at Bets including the Academy Awards and the US Presidential Election.

The bookies we trust offer novelty betting bookmaker markets all throughout the year.

Novelty Betting Options

There aren't many novelty betting options given the type of market you are dealing with. 

The options are usually limited to picking what you think will happen and going with it.

Novelty Betting Live

Most novelty bets are stand alone futures, but markets like politics can stay live as poll results begin to filter through. 

Otherwise you are making your wager and waiting for the result.