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The Bachelorette Australia Betting Odds - Who will win season 6?

  • For the first time, two sisters will be the Bachelorettes
  • There are two betting markets available for both ladies
  • Frazer heads Elly's market while Pete looks set to steal Becky's heart
The Bachelorette
Will the sisters find love? (10Play)
With two sisters both being the bachelorettes for the first time in history, there are two betting markets available for two hearts that ready to be stolen.

Frazer was the first contestant released on TV, a 28YO from Queensland who heads the market for Elly's heart, while fellow Queenslander Adrian and Adam from New South Wales are both under $6.

Pete from South Australia leads the race to find love with Becky while Harry, also from South Australia and Pascal from New South Wales are second and third favourites respectively.

The Bachelorette Betting Odds

Elly Outright
Becky Outright
Frazer $2.75Pete$2.75
No Winner$10Trent$9
Ab$21No Winner$21

Odds are provided by Sportsbet and are correct as of 5/10/20 - 12.44pm

How does the Bachelorette work?

In a regular season of the Bachelorette, there would be 18 men walk into the mansion, all with one aim, to find love with the Bachelorette.

There are rose ceremonies to send people home, those who do not receive one are to leave the mansion while those who do, continue to go on a series of dates and stress through many more rose ceremonies until they reach the final four.

The final four are then able to go home and introduce the bachelorette to their families to ensure that they would fit into their lifestyle on the outside word.

One final rose ceremony takes place where there are then two contestants left, where one will be given a ring at a commitment ceremony and one will be left heart broken.

This season, things are a little different because there are two bachelorettes and there are still 10 men.

As we are still unsure how the format of the show will work due to two ladies and the same number of men, maybe that could mean the show will run for half the time, or that the men will receive a rose from each lady, and will have to leave once they are left with no roses.

Could this cause some controversy in the mansion between the two sisters? According to the betting markets, both ladies have different tastes in men.

The Bachelorette FAQ

Can I bet on The Bachelorette Australia?

Yes, corporates are offering markets on who will find love in The Bachelorette.

Who is in contention to win The Bachelorette?

To find love with Elly, Frazer ($2.75) heads the betting market from Adrian ($3.25) and Adam ($5.50), while Pete ($2.75) looks a likely winner of Becky's heart, with Harry ($3.25) and Pascal ($5.50) also in the running.

Is The Bachelorette popular in Australia?

Widely seen as more popular than spin off The Bachelor, The Bachelorette is one of the most popular reality TV Shows on air.


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