The Amazing Race Australia Betting Odds & Tips

The Amazing Race Australia has started with rumours already being spread about who this year's winner may be.

Contestants will travel around Australia, seeing sites across our great country and racing to a post where host Beau Ryan will be, where he will then eliminate the last contestants that arrive.

The Amazing Race Australia Betting Odds

There are currently no betting odds for The Amazing Race Australia 2023.

What is The Amazing Race Australia format?

Clues - This is an instruction sheet in an envelope that contestants must open and follow. Clues help them throughout their leg, finding destinations or sites that they need to travel to.

Detour - This represents a decision that contestants must make between two tasks. Both tasks will generally take a similar amount of time, and have big relevance to the area that they are in. Once completed, they can continue on with their journey.

Roadblock - This is a task that only one of the two team members can perform. These tasks can be physical, mental, or both.

Pit Stop - This is the final destination that contestants must travel to in each leg. This is where they find out where they have placed in their leg and whether or not they have been eliminated.

Penalties - These are given when tasks have not been completed or if there is a rule that has been broken with a task. Teams cannot check in until their penalty has been served.

The Amazing Race Australia FAQs

When does The Amazing Race Australia air on TV?

Broadcast of The Amazing Race Australia has already commenced, with two teams already eliminated.

Who is favourite to win The Amazing Race Australia?

There is currently no market for The Amazing Race Australia.

How can I watch The Amazing Race Australia?

Check out 10Play to watch all the latest replays of The Amazing Race Australia.