Celebrity Apprentice Australia Betting Odds & Tips

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Celebrity Apprentice Australia returns to the TV with a full set of new celebrities that will all be 'fired' until just one remains.

With Lord Alan Sugar in charge, he will cut the celebrities down one by one based on tasks they are given and their work ethic, quality and ability all up as a talking point.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia Betting Odds

There are currently no betting odds for Celebrity Apprentice 2023.

What is the Celebrity Apprentice format?

Boardroom - This is where the Celebrities will meet when given their task to complete, and where celebrities will be evicted from the show based on their peers votes and the final decision of Lord Alan Sugar.

Charity - As each celebrity has already established their own career, they will be competing for their chosen charities where money will be donated. Charities will receive a consolation donation as they are eliminated, but the donation is higher as the celebrity progresses further. 

You're Fired - This is the catch phrase of the show when a celebrity is eliminate and must leave the boardroom immediately.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia FAQs

Who is the favourite for Celebrity Apprentice Australia?

There is currently no market for Celebrity Apprentice 2023.

When does Celebrity Apprentice Australia air on TV?

We are yet to hear an official air date of the show so check back soon for more information.

How can I watch Celebrity Apprentice Australia?

Check out 9Now to see all the latest episodes of Celebrity Apprentice Australia.