Australian Ninja Warrior 2023 Betting Odds & Tips

Australian Ninja Warrior is a reality TV show that puts some of Australia's best athletes to the ultimate test. 

An obstacle course dubbed 'The Ninja Course' is the challenge for contestants, who have a hard enough time getting to the end. If they do make it to the conclusion, the ninja with the best time makes it through to the finals and a shot at Mount Midoriyama, the ultimate challenge.

The winner of the final is crowned the Australian Ninja Warrior? Simple right? Well, tune in to see how hard it gets!

Australian Ninja Warrior Betting Odds

Australian Ninja Warrior betting odds can be found at as soon as the new season airs. Check our site for the latest Australian Ninja Warrior betting odds as well as fluctuations in the market.

Australian Ninja Warrior Free Bets

Australian bookmakers are unable to provide their clients with Australian Ninja Warrior free bets due to federal legislation. If this changes we will update this page.

How does Australian Ninja Warrior Work?

To become the Australian Ninja Warrior, potential contestants go through a rigorous series of obstacles with an objective of winning a cash prize, starting at $100,000. If there is no winner in a season the prize will jackpot and rise by $100,000 until someone eventually conquers Mount Midoriyama.

The format from the third season with the most successful contestant who goes the furthest and fastest guaranteed to win $100,000 should they not conquer the course, but will win the growing jackpot should they conquer Mount Midoriyama.

Australian Ninja Warrior FAQ

What is Australian Ninja Warrior?

Australian Ninja Warrior is a realty TV show that pits the country's best athletes against the Ninja Course - a set of obstacles that tests the strength, speed and stamina of the contestants. It is hard enough getting to the end but those who do are timed against each other and finally progress through to the finale and a shot at Mount Midoriyama to determine who is the Australian Ninja Warrior.

Where does Australian Ninja Warrior air in Australia?

Australian Ninja Warrior airs on the Nine network around Australia.

When does Australian Ninja Warrior air?

The new season of Australian Ninja Warrior airs every Sunday 7.00pm, Monday 7.30pm and Tuesday 7.30pm.

Who hosts Australian Ninja Warrior?

Australian Ninja Warrior is hosted by Leila McKinnon, Jim Courier and Will & Woody.

How can I live stream Australian Ninja Warrior online?

Visit our live streaming page at for details on how you can watch Australian Ninja Warrior live stream online.