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The Amazing Race Australia - Who has won the Amazing Race?

Last updated: 17 Jun 2022
Ben Darvill 17 Jun 2022
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  • The Amazing Race Australia is an adventure reality series
  • There have been five series of The Amazing Race Australia
The Amazing Race Australia

The Amazing Race Australia is a hugely popular reality game show that is based on the Amazing Race franchise. There have been a total of 70 episodes of the series across five seasons.

The first series aired in 2010 with the starting line based at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, finishing at Heirisson Island in Perth. With 50,000 km standing between the contestants and the finishing line. 

The distance between the starting line and finishing line has varied across the five series that have aired. As mentioned, the first series saw contestants travelling 50,000 km, with the longest distance standing at a massive 90,000 km in series 3 in 2014. 

The format of the competitions sees teams of two battling in a race around the world. Each series is divided into legs where teams fight it out in various tasks as they travel. The final leg is run by the final three teams, with the first to arrive at the final destination winning the prize of $250,000.  

Going all the way back to the first series in 2010, it was Tyler Atkins and Nathan Joliffe that etched their names into The Amazing Race Australia history. The most recent winners were Brendon Crawley and Kacson Dening who won the fifth series in 2020. Their triumph saw the pair win in the only series in which the advanture was based in one country. This season was set entirely in Australia due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Below, we have compiled a list of the winners of The Amazing Race Australia.

The Amazing Race Australia Winners

Series (Year)
1 (2010)Tyler Atkins and Nathan Joliffe
2 (2011)Shane Haw and Andrew Thoday
3 (2014)Daniel Little and Ryan Thomas
4 (2019)Tim and Rod Sttler-Jones
5 (2020)Brendon Crawley and Jackson Denining
6 (2022)TBC

The Amazing Race Australia FAQs

Who won the first series of The Amazing Race Australia?

The winners of the first series of The Amazing Race Australia were Tyler Atkins and Nathan Joliffe. 

How many series of The Amazing Race Australia have there been?

There have been five series of The Amazing Race Australia, with the first airing in 2010, and the fifth in 2020. A sixth series was  filmed in 2022. 

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