Politics Betting Tips & Odds

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Politics betting has become one of the most popular obscure betting types in recent years and Bets.com.au is the home of the latest politics betting tips, markets and odds.

From the Australian Federal Election to US Presidential Elections and everything in between, you can now bet on markets from across the worldwide political spectrum.

We have updated markets, the latest betting odds and tips and predictions for the big elections with our comprehensive guide to betting on politics.

Next Australian Federal Election

The next Australian Federal Election will take place in 2025 with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese bidding for a second election victory having been the Prime Minister of Australia since 2022.

Albanese's Labor government gained power in the 2022 Federal Election when defeat the Coalition's Scott Morrison in the vote.

For a full round up of Australian Federal Election betting odds and markets, see our comprehensive guide.

Politics Betting Explained

Australian betting sites are now offering a wide range of diverse markets for their customers when it comes to politics. 

Aussies have their state and federal elections, the UK politics such as referendums and elections, or US politics including the American Presidential race, politics now presents punters with plenty of opportunities to make some extra cash.

Our politics betting tips and analysis of the odds take into account a number of different factors including the polls, voting history and up to the minute developments. 

Polls, history and recent developments are all major factors in political betting and we aim to offer our readers the most up to date and unbiased tips on the internet. 

Politics Betting Odds 

Politics betting odds can change in the blink of an eye. There are so many factors that can influence a political betting market that the odds can fluctuate very quickly.

At Free Tips, we aim to keep all of our readers up to date with all of the latest political betting odds from all of our trusted Australian bookmakers

Best Betting Sites for Politics

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Politics Betting Markets 

There are multiple of different types of politics betting markets that punters can wager on. The following are the most popular: 

  • Prediction markets: These markets present punters with a simple yes or no question. For example, who will win the next Australian Federal Election?

  • Politics specials: These types of markets often present punters with a variety of novelty bets based around the actions of a politician or a political party. 

  • Election outrights: These markets are the most common to bet on. This politics betting market punter bets on which party or candidate will be the overall winner of an election. 

Politics Free Bets 

Due to government restrictions Australian online bookmakers are unable to offer politics free bets. You can still bet on upcoming elections and get the latest odds.

Politics Betting News 

Punters looking for politics betting news will find the latest updates on odds and market changes from Australia and aboard at bets.com.au.

Politics Betting FAQ

Can I bet on politics?

Yes you can. You can bet on anything from the Australian Federal Election all the way through to the US Presidential campaign. 

When is the next Australian Federal Election?

The next Federal Election takes place in May 2022.

Can I bet on who will be the next US President?

The US Presidential campaign can be bet upon from start to finish. This means you'll have around 50 names to pick from before the Republican and Democratic nominations all the way through until there's only two names left.

Can I bet on political referendums?

Political referendums like BREXIT in the UK and whether or not Australia will pass the same sex marriage laws were available for wagering in Australia.