US Politics Betting Tips

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US Politics Betting Tips 

US politics have become increasingly unpredictable in recent times.

Punters were tossing and turning at the last election, having Donald Trump as favourite, then Joe Biden and they constantly were changing places.

The US political system is one of the trickiest to read for those with no knowledge, which is why it pays to come to for the best analysis and US politics betting tips for all upcoming elections. 

US Politics Betting Odds 

US politics betting odds can change rapidly. A news story or a bad speech and flip the political market on its head. will keep our readers up to date with all of the latest developments in the US politics betting market, as well as providing detailed analysis on all of these major changes. 

US Politics Betting Markets 

Bookmakers are constantly expanding the markets they offer when it comes to US politics. Below you'll find the current most popular markets to wager on.

  • Next US President: The most straightforward of all of the US politics markets is a simple bet on who will be the next president. 

  • Popular vote winner: Just because you got the majority of the vote, doesn’t mean that you are going to be the next President. The way the US election system works means that often, the person who has got the most votes, is not the eventual winner. This market is called the popular vote. As a result of this, bookies will have two different markets to bet on- one for the popular vote, and one for the President. 

  • President specials: The President of the United States is the leader of the free world which means almost every move is heavily watched and calculated. Bookies are constantly offering a range of markets on what the President is likely to do, in the form of novelty bets.

US Politics Bookmaker Bonus Bets

Due to the increased popularity of the US politics betting market, it is not uncommon for bookmakers to offer punters a range of promotional offers for the market. 

Keep an eye out around election time for any bonus bet or money back specials on US politics.

US Politics Free Bets 

Unfortunately Australian bookmakers are unable to offer US politics free bets to any new or existing clients.

Next US President Odds 

Next US President odds is one of the most popular betting markets in all of politics.

A President in the United States stays in office for a fixed term of four years. Odds on who the next President will tend to run throughout a sitting President’s term and will shift quite quickly in the four-year period. 

US Politics Betting News 

Keeping up to date with the latest US politics news is easy but knowing how that will impact the betting market is one of the true challenges to political punters.

Keep an eye on as our team of experts guides you through the latest US political news and how you should wager your money.

US Politics FAQ

Can I bet on US Politics?

Yes you can. Almost every Australian bookmaker offers multiple US political betting markets including who'll be the next President and who'll 

When is the next US Presidential election?

The Americans will go to the polling booths again on Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

Who is the current US President?

Joe Biden is the current President of the United States.