UFC Tips & Betting Advice

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Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world and the UFC is the pinnacle.

Boasting some of the most explosive fighters alongside personalities that transcend sport, the UFC has captured the imagination of the hardcore fans and the casual observers alike.

UFC Bookmaker Odds

Any bookmaker that takes their craft seriously will offer a raft of UFC odds, which includes head-to-head betting and future markets.

The following bookmakers offer betting markets on the UFC.

UFC Fixtures

The UFC frequently has events on, with a fight card typically occurring once a week. 

For the bigger cards, the UFC gives the event a number. For example, UFC 245 was held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, headed by the welterweight title bout between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington.

The numbered UFC events are restricted to PPV but the regular weekly cards are usually broadcast on subscription television services.

UFC Betting Options

There are a number of UFC betting options for punters looking to wager on MMA.

Head-to-head betting: The most popular and easiest to pick. All you have to do is make you pick on who will win the bout.

Method of victory betting: there are multiple ways an MMA fighter can win a bout, but the betting agencies tend to lump multiple outcomes together:

KO/TKO – when a fighter is knocked unconscious or the ref deems the damaged incurred is too great for the fighter to continue. 

Submission – when a fighter puts a submission hold on a fighter and the opponent either taps out or verbally confirms they no longer want to continue, a submission victory is tallied. 

Decision – when the fighters have reached the end of the allotted rounds and the judges have to split the fighters.

Draw –  when the judges cannot split the fighters on the scoring cards, a draw is called.

Disqualification – a rare occurrence in MMA, when a fighter breaks the rules, including low blows and eye pokes, a referee could disqualify a fighter from the bout.

Round betting: Punters are able to choose which round a fight will end in, which gives the punters boosted odds. 

There are three options here for punters, they can choose to bet on the TKO/KO method of victory in a particular round, a submission in the specific round or just for the fight to end at that stage.

Conor Mcgregor
Conor Mcgregor has made the first round KO a feature of his fights (Getty Images)

Here is how a round betting market can look:

McGregor via TKO/KO in Round 1: $2.50
McGregor via TKO/KO in Round 2: $2
McGregor via TKO/KO in Round 3: $3.50
McGregor via TKO/KO in Round 4: $6
McGregor via TKO/KO in Round 5: $10

Exotics betting: There are exotic options for punters looking to invest on some of the more wild and whacky aspects of UFC.

Bookmakers offer markets on strange occurrences like how long a fighter's walk out will take, what they'll do post-fight and even what they say in the press conference after the bout. 

UFC Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the current UFC champions?

Heavyweight - Stipe Miocic
Light Heavyweight - Jon Jones
Middleweight - Israel Adesanya
Welterweight - Kamaru Usman
Lightweight - Khabib Nurmagomedov
Featherweight - Alexander Volkanovski
Bantamweight - Henry Cejudo
Flyweight - Henry Cejudo

Featherweight - Amanda Nunes
Bantamweight - Amanda Nunes
Flyweight - Valentina Shevchenko
Strawweight - Zhang Weili

Who has the most wins in UFC history?

American Donald Cerrone has the most wins in UFC history with 23 victories to his name. Brazilian Demian Maia is next best with 32.

What does the UFC stand for?

The UFC is an acronym of Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is called this because it encompasses every aspect of combat sports into one format.

Who is the president of the UFC?

The current president of the UFC is Dana White

How to live stream the UFC?

Visit our live streaming hub for all the information on how you can watch the UFC as well as all other racing and sport events.