Formula 1 Betting Tips

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If you're into motor sport and you don't watch the F1 then we're not sure you are a true fan of all things car racing.

The fastest cars, the biggest action and all the personalities that are household names, Formula 1 is the Hollywood version of racing and the fans love it.

But do you know how to wager on it?

This guide will deliver you a comprehensive punting guide to F1 racing as well as other information on the premier motor sport. 

F1 Bookmaker Odds

The bookmakers release odds on the Formula 1 at the beggining of the season and fluctuate throughout depending on how the drivers perform. 

Check back here at throughout the F1 campaign for updated odds on the driver's championship odds.

F1 Fixtures

The F1 season kicks off around the middle of March in Melbourne and travels all around the world, culiminating in Abu Dhabi at the beginning of December. 

The schedule sees races conducted in China, Bahrain, Spain, Monaco, France and even as far north as Canada.

Check back at the start of the new season for the full list of F1 fixtures. 

F1 Results

Check our news stream at the bottom of the page for Formula 1 results, news and opinions on the fastest motor sport in the world.

F1 Betting Options

Those looking to wager on the Formula One have a number of options at their disposal.

Win: Simple, place a bet on the man you think will cross the line in front.

Podium finish: Like a place bet in horse racing, a podium finish bet is a wager on the driver you think will finish inside the top three placings.

Top six finish: Exactly what it sounds like, place a bet on the man you believe will finish inside the top six on any given race

Winning car: There are a number of different companies that produce cars that race in F1s, with some putting in multiple competitors in a race. A winning car bet gives you a return if you can pick the right company, regardless of who's driving it.

Driver's Championship: The main futures bet of Formula 1 racing, placing a wager on the Driver's Championship is essentially picking who'll accumlate the most points over the course of a season

F1 Live Streaming

Our trusted online betting partner Bet365 are one of the only bookmakers that offer live streaming on Formula 1 racing.

All you need to do is sign up for free and have money in your account and you can watch all the sports Bet365 have to offer, which includes F1 racing.