Play the Lottery Onine in Australia

Playing the lottery in any country has become a hugely popular. The chance to win life changing amounts of money is a huge draw for the competition, while it is a fun and thrilling way to use your money. 

With weekly draws and some of the biggest jackpots in the world, it is no wonder why so many people choose to get involved with the lottery. If you like what you see then read on, with this guide to lottery options giving you all of the information you need before you get involved. 

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Australia Lottery Draw Results

The most recent lottery results will be shown right here on this means that you do not ever need to miss out on a draw, and it also ensures that you will not miss out on seeing whether you have won or not! 

Whether you are looking for the winning numbers from the Powerball, Oz Lotto or the daily Lottos, we have got you covered right here!

Australia Lotto Results & How To Enter

Whether you are in Australia, or you are travelling the world, you can get involved with the Lotto by playing online. Doing so is very simple to do and mirrors what you would do in a shop.

First, ensure you are buying from a verified seller. Next, you will need to select the lottery you want to play, choose your numbers, buy a ticket and then sit back and wait to see if you have won. You can either choose your numbers manually or you can puck the Quick Pick option to randomly generate your numbers. 

Australia Monday Lotto & How To Enter

Monday evenings bring with it the first draw of the week. Make sure you have your tickets handy for the next Australia Monday Lotto draw.

A set reward of AU$1 million is on offer during the Monday Lotto. A maximum of four winners can be named, with the AU$4 million Division 1 prize money split evenly between the additional Division 1 winners. 

Australia Wednesday Lotto & How To Enter

You can play the Australia Wednesday Lotto every Wednesday evening. The Division 1 rewards for the Wednesday lottery are set at AU$1 million, with a maximum of four winners each week, just like the Monday Lotto. 

The prize money is split evenly between the four winners. The record for the Wednesday Lotto was AU$6 million, which was won back in 2009. This was before the updated regulation that capped the winning total. 

Australia Saturday Lotto & How To Enter

The Saturday Lotto has been around since 1972, and it is one of the most well-loved lotteries in Australia. The Saturday Lotto has always done a great job of ensuring that even the quietest of Saturdays is exciting. 

The starting prize stands at AU$5 million, with the record AU$47.9 million won in 2008. The Saturday Lotto is seen as the best to play with regard to cost-benefit ratio. This is because of the jackpot amounts, ticket costs and taxes considered.

Australia Powerball Results & How To Enter

Thursday is Powerball day in Australia. The Powerball has proved to be incredibly popular due to the massive sums of money on offer, with lifechanging draws on offer. 

In 2019, the largest ever Powerball win of AU$150 million was won, with three jackpot winners taking home a share of $50 million each. In 2022, AU$126 million was won, with the Powerball once again proving to be the biggest lottery in Australia. 

While everyone has their own personal favourite lottery, it is tough to look away from the Powerball as the best, with the money on offer and the excitement it brings incredible. 

Australia Oz Lotto Results

Some of the biggest jackpots won in Australia lottery history have come from the Oz Lotto, with jackpots exceeding AU$100 million. 

The jackpot amount starts at AU$3 million and can only go unclaimed for a maximum of 25 consecutive draws. The jackpot amount is the divided among the winners of the next highest prize category if there are no winning tickets for the 26th draw. 

In November 2012, the Oz Lotto jackpot record of AU$111,972,151 million was reached and divided among four winners.