Bookmaker Codes & Referral Codes

Find out everything you need to know about bookmaker codes for Australian betting sites. Do you need a referral code? How you can use codes for bookmakers when joining. And just what you get with a code.

Bookmaker Codes

Bookmaker codes, also known as referral codes, promotion codes, bonus codes or sign up codes, have long been used as a way of getting extra value when creating an account. Betting sites codes can help new customers get extra on offers when registering for a new account.

That is no longer the case when joining Australian bookmakers, who are unable to offer bonuses to new customers any longer. Legislation prevents bookmakers from offering inducements as an incentive to sign up for an account, meaning you don't need to input a bonus code during the online registration process.

Instead, provides you with a referral code to use by clicking the reveal code. That gives you quick access to join new betting sites in Australia. You can click on the link of the bookmaker you are thinking of signing up at and will taken straight there. You won't need to input a bonus code at all.

Latest Bookmaker Codes

Ladbrokes Australia Referral Code
Ladbrokes are one of the bookmakers with a sign up code

Bookmaker Bonus Codes

Before the introduction of the inducement advertising ban, bookmakers were able to offer bonus codes to gain added value when joining a betting site. But with the option to offer bonuses to new customers no longer existing, there is no need for bookmaker bonus codes when you register for a new account. You can simply use one of the links above to be taken straight to the bookmaker betting site.

Betting Site Sign Up Bonus

Sign up bonuses are not available from any Australian bookmaker now. The ban on offering an incentive to join means you are unable to get any bonus bets. That means deals like a first deposit match, 500% deposit bonus or first bet match are no longer on the table as there were before the legislation came into force. That means that bookmakers are unable to offer a sign up bonus, including bet365, Ladbrokes, Neds, Betstar, Boombet, Dabble, PlayUp, Draftstars, Palmerbet, PointsBet, SportChamps, BlueBet, Betfair Australia, Rob Waterhouse, MidasBet, WinnersBet, TAB, TopSport and Unibet Australia. Understanding what each bookmaker offers, instead, is critical and you can get our honest ratings by reading our bookmaker reviews.

Bookmaker Promotions

Australian bookmakers have some great promotions available on a daily and weekly basis. Due to the fact that all promos and specials need to fall in line with the regulations pertaining to the inducement laws, the promotions now focus significantly on offer better value than customers can find elsewhere at other betting sites.

Enhanced odds are a very popular promotion with the offers available to new and existing customers. They can include Price Push from Unibet and Play of the Day from PlayUp, all of which offer you increased odds on selected runners, teams or outcomes.

When it comes to horse racing promotions in Australia, bookmakers have a variety of regular offers including Favourite v The Field, Protest Payouts, Best Tote or Starting Price and Best of the Best. For sports betting promotions, you will find better value lines and promotions paying out on bets if you team lead by a certain number of points or goals - regardless of the ultimate outcome of the match.

Latest Bookmaker Codes

Latest Betting Promotions

Bookmaker Codes FAQs

Are codes needed for Australian betting sites?

Bookmakers are unable to offer bonuses to new customers in Australia any longer, but there are still bookmaker codes. You can click on the link on the bookmaker you want to join, and you will be taken straight there, or use the codes listed on this page.

Which Australian bookmaker is best?

It is all about personal choice. The offers reviews and provides ratings of all bookmakers to help you make an informed decision on whether or not a betting site is worth joining. But the ultimate decision lies with you, and if the markets, odds, service and app is the right choice for your betting needs.

Do Australian betting sites offer promotions?

Yes they do. Due to the legislation preventing inducements from being offered to new customers, you can now take advantage of some great promotions instead which fall in line with the regulations. Enhanced odds are a very popular promotion with the offers - available to new and existing customers - including Price Push from Unibet and Play of the Day from PlayUp.