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2025 Australian Federal Election Betting Odds - Who will win the next Prime Minister race?

Last updated: 25 Sep 2023
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Ben Darvill 25 Sep 2023
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  • The next Australia Federal Election will take place in or before 2025
  • This will see members of the 48th Parliament of Australia chosen
  • Labor won the last Australian Federal Election in 2022
Australia Prime Minister Anthony Albanese
Australia Prime Minister Anthony Albanese (Getty Images)

The Australia Federal Election is set to take place in or before 2025, with this election bringing in the 48th Parliament of Australia. 

The election in May 2022 saw the Labor Party forming a government after picking up 77 seats in the House of Representatives. Led by Anthony Albanese, Labor clinched a majority, with the Liberal/National Coalition becoming the opposition after picking up 58 seats. Ahead of the next Election, Labor are favourites at $1.33 with Ladbrokes to secure another term in office. 

Australian Federal Election Winner
Any Other Party$101.00
Note: Odds from Ladbrokes. Correct on 25/9/2023

Labor are fancied by bookmaker Ladbrokes to secure another term in office, with the party available at $1.33 to triumph in the next Election. 

The Coalition are their big rival at $3.25, while you can back any other party at $101.00. All 150 seats in the House of Representatives and likely 40 of the 76 seats in the Senate will be contested with Labor looking to secure a second straight term in office. 

In 2022, a total of 16 seats were won by the other parties, with four of these going to the Greens, led by Adam Bandt. However, 77 seats went to Labor, with the other 58 going to the Coalition. 

As for the Senate, Labor won 15 seats and retained 26 seats overall, while the Coalition lost a number of seats as they dropped down to a total of 32 seats. Meanwhile, the Greens saw their share of seats improve, now boasting 12. 

As mentioned, the next election will be held in or before 2025, and the bookies have already started weighing in on which party they think will be in government for the 48th Parliament. 

This is the first majority government Labor have been able to create since 2007, and they are fancied to hold on to make it two straight stints in office. However, with the Coalition not far behind, it will make the battle in the Australian Federal Election very interesting. 

Which party do you think will secure victory in the 2025 Australian Federal Election? 

Australian Federal Election FAQs

When is the next Australian Federal Election?

The next Australia Federal Election will take place during or before 2025. 

What was the result of the 2022 Australian Federal Election?

Labor, led by Anthony Albanese, were able to form a government after winning 77 seats, The Liberal/National Coalition picked up a total of 58 seats, while the Green snared four seats. 

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