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Who Is The World's Richest Sport Team?

The Dallas Cowboys topped the list for a fourth-straight year
Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys are the richest team in the world (Getty Images)
Todd Davey 11 Feb 2020
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No soccer team in the world has topped this list since 2015...

After years of dominating the most valuable sports franchises for six straight years, the world game has taken a backseat to the NFL since 2016 with the Dallas Cowboys at the pinnacle.

Forbes releases its yearly valuation of sports teams from around the world, which the Cowboys have topped for four years running, peaking at $5 billion in 2019.

The Cowboys aren't the only team from their homeland in the top ten. 

America occupies seven of those spots, including the New York Yankees, who are hot on the heels of their footballing counterparts in second position, less than half a billion off the pace.

Surprisingly English Premier League giants Manchester United fail to make the top five after topping this list in 2010, 2011 and 2012. 

View the most valuable sports teams in the world below:

1. Dallas Cowboys ($5 Billion)

Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys grow in value every year (Getty Images)

Highest Ranking: No.1 (2019)
Growth Since 2018: 4 per cent increase

2. New York Yankees ($4.6 Billion)

Aaron Judge
The New York Yankees are the richest team in baseball (Getty Images)

Highest Ranking: No.2 (2019)
Growth Since 2018: 15 per cent increase

3. Real Madrid ($4.2 Billion)

Gareth Bale
Spainish juggernauts Real Madrid top the La Liga's rich list (Getty Images)

Highest Ranking: No.1 (2015)
Growth Since 2018: 4 per cent increase

4. Barcelona ($4.02 Billion)

Lionel Messi has helped keep Barca's value sky high (Getty Images)

Highest Ranking: No.2 (2014)
Growth Since 2018: 1 per cent decrease

5. New York Knicks ($4 Billion)

New York Knicks
Lack of success as a team has done little to dent the valuation of the Knicks (Getty Images)

Highest Ranking: No.5 (2019)
Growth Since 2018: 11 per cent increase

6. Manchester United ($3.81 Billion)

Paul Pogba
Manchester United's value has dropped 8 per cent in the last year alone (Getty Images)

Highest Ranking: No.1 (2012)
Growth Since 2018: 8 per cent decrease

7. New England Patriots ($3.8 Billion)

Tom Brady
The Patriots incredible valuation can almost be solely attributed to Tom Brady (Getty Images)

Highest Ranking: No.5 (2010)
Growth Since 2018: 3 per cent increase

8. LA Lakers ($3.7 Billion)

Lebron James
LeBron James and the LA Lakers are a match made in heaven (Getty Images)

Highest Ranking: No.6 (2015)
Growth Since 2018: 12 per cent increase

9. Golden State Warriors ($3.5 Billion)

Steph Curry
The Golden State Warriors' specutacular decade of NBA has seen their value sky-rocket (Getty Images)

Highest Ranking: No.9 (2019)
Growth Since 2018: 13 per cent increase

10. New York Giants/LA Dodgers ($3.3 Billion)

Daniel Jones
Despite their recent lack of success, the New York Giants are the tenth most valuable sports team in the world (Getty Images)

Highest Ranking: New York Giants - No.7 (2010), LA Dodgers - No.6 (2014)
Growth Since 2018: New York Giants - 0 per cent increase, LA Dodgers - 10 per cent increase

World's Richest Sport Teams FAQ

Who is the world's richest sport team?

The Dallas Cowboys are currently the world's most valuable sports team with an estimated worth of $5 billion.

Who has topped the world's richest team list the most?

The Dallas Cowboys have topped the world's most valuable sports team list for four consecutive years dating back to 2016.

Has Manchester United ever been the world's richest team?

Manchester United topped the Forbes richest team list on three occasions.
The Red Devils were last valued as the world's most valuable team in 2012.

Has Real Madrid ever been the world's richest team?

Spanish giants Real Madrid have topped the world's richest list three separate times on 2013, 2014 and 2015.

What country has the most teams on the world's richest list?

America has the most teams on the Forbes most valuable list with 13 of the top 16 franchises originating from the USA.


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