T20 International Cricket Betting Tips

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T20 Cricket Betting Tips

Twenty20 International cricket, more commonly referred to as T20 cricket, is the youngest format of the game. It is played between international sides that has T20 international status and consists of 20 over per side.

T20 cricket is the shortest format of the game and has fast become the best supported format. While ODIs and Test cricket still hold a special place in many people’s hearts, it is T20 cricket that attracts the youth and fills stadiums.

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Twenty20 International Cricket Live Streaming

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Twenty20 International Cricket History

Twenty20 cricket was first played in the early 2000s when the England & Wales Cricket Board needed a tournament to fill the space of another that had dropped away. In an attempt to regain sponsorship they came up with the T20 format in order to shorten the time spent at the ground and increase the excitement – needless to say, it worked a treat.

The first men’s international T20 match was played on 17 February 2005 where Australia defeated New Zealand at Eden Park. The game has not looked back since.

Numerous countries have started their own T20 leagues, some extremely popular and in terms of player earnings match some of the major sports around the globe. On the international scene teams more often than not have a three or five-match T20 series alongside a Test and ODI series.

The demand for T20 has however increased to the point where there have been tours of only T20 cricket and it is expected that it will be commonplace in years to come.

T20 cricket has since its inauguration followed very much the same principles of ODI cricket. The fielding restrictions, named as a mandatory powerplay, lasts for the first six overs of each batting innings. During these six overs the fielding side is only allowed to have two fielders outside of the 30 yard circle.

After the first six overs are completed the fielding team may have five fielders outside the 30 yard circle.

Much like ODI cricket, the overs are divided by five and thus forcing each team to at least have five bowlers in their line-up. In T20 cricket each bower is allowed a maximum of four overs.

T20 cricket has been the catalyst to many innovations, the most notable being the no-ball rule. While a batsman cannot be out off a no-ball in any format, T20 began the trend of giving the batting team a ‘free hit’ off the next ball. This means that once a bowler bowls a no-ball his next delivery will be a ‘free hit’ to the batsman and the only way he can get out is by being run out.

One Day International (ODI) cricket has now adopted that rule but it remains absent from Test cricket.

T20 cricket can also not have a tie, unlike ODI and Test cricket. If there is a tie at the end of the match a super over will take place with each team getting one over to score as many runs as possible. The one who scores more in that one over wins the match.

T20 International Cricket FAQs

How long are T20 Cricket matches?

T20 Cricket consists of 40 overs in total in which each team bats and bowls for 20 overs.
Should rain interfere with play there is a method in which runs/overs/wickets get calculated to come to a revised runs target. This is called the Duckworth/Lewis method (DLS).

How many countries have international status in T20 cricket?

Up until 2019 only the full members of the ICC had full international status in T20 Cricket but a decision was made in 2018 that from 1 January 2019 all 105 member nations would enjoy full T20 status.

How to live stream T20 matches?

Visit our live streaming hub for all the information on how you can watch the important T20 matches from your phone, tablet or laptop.