The Ashes Betting Tips, Odds & Predictions

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2025/26 Ashes Betting Tips

If test cricket is the pinnacle of the sport then the Ashes is the jewel in the crown and has you covered throughout the series.

Played between Australia and England, the Ashes is the most fiercely contested test series and one of the most coveted prizes in world cricket.

England and Australia started its test cricket rivalry back in 1882 and have since delivered memorable highlights in the game’s longest format.

Outside of the World Cup, the Ashes is the most-watched and punted-on cricketing event in Australia and a source of enormous pride and bragging rights between the two nations.

Latest Ashes Betting Odds

As soon as the betting odds for the 2025/26 Ashes are released, they will be posted here. 

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The Ashes Series Dates & Schedule

The Ashes series will be played in December 2025 and January 2026 in Australia with the Baggy Greens looking to retain the Urn.

2025/26 Ashes
First Test TBC TBC
Second Test TBC TBC
Third Test TBC TBC
Fourth Test TBC TBC
Fifth Test TBC TBC

The Ashes Live Stream

Watch all the test matches throughout The Ashes with live streaming. One of the best online live streaming services is bet365 where you can switch between betting markets and live action.

Check out our The Ashes live streaming guide for information on how to watch all the matches.

Popular Ashes Betting Markets

In addition to the popular cricket betting markets, the Ashes brings with it heightened focus on some of its own unique markets.

This all depends on your taste, where your knowledge lies and how long you’re willing to wait on a result.

Let’s go through some of the markets that punters love to focus on when it comes to game’s oldest rivalry:

Series winner:

No other test series will attract the same kind of attention for the overall result more than the Ashes. If you select the winner of the series overall, you’ll take home the biscuits.

Correct series result:

Picking the correct series result over five tests can be a difficult affair, especially given you have to factor in draws. Over five tests with three different possible results, there can be 21 possible endings to the series, including:

0-0 draw
1-0 Australia wins
2-0 Australia wins
3-0 Australia wins
4-0 Australia wins
5-0 Australia wins
1-1 draw
2-1 Australia wins
3-1 Australia wins
4-1 Australia wins
2-2 draw
3-2 Australia wins

0-1 England wins
0-2 England wins
0-3 England wins
0-4 England wins
0-5 England wins
1-2 England wins
1-3 England wins
1-4 England wins
2-3 England wins

To regain/retain:

The regain/retain market is similar to the series-winner market, but there is an added element. Punters will choose who will regain the Ashes or who will retain them. Given the holder of the Ashes will retain ownership of the fabled urn in the event of a draw, the odds can be longer to re-gain, given they have to win the series when the other team only has to draw.

Most series runs:

Which batsmen will stand up to the ultimate examination of their skills and determination in test cricket? Identifying the best batsmen across the entire five-match series is a difficult challenge and provides generous odds as a result. Punters are better off focusing on in-form players who bat high in the order and will get ample opportunity to get bulk runs.

Most series wickets:

Which bowler is going to adapt to the conditions across five tests and take the most scalps? Most series wickets is another popular betting market for the Ashes and another difficult one to pick.

The Ashes 2025/26 FAQs

Who hosts the Ashes 2025/26 test series?

Australia will host England in the Ashes series.

Who currently holds the Ashes?

Australia are the current holder of the Ashes after retaining the urn with a 2-2 series draw against England in 2023.

How many test matches does each Ashes series have?

The Ashes is a five test series, which is one of only a handful of its type in the test cricket arena.

How can I live stream the Ashes?

Visit the live streaming page for all the information you need on how you can watch the Ashes on your phone, laptop or tablet.