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Test Cricket Betting Tips

Test cricket is the longest iteration of the game and is considered the purest form of the game.

Played in powerhouse countries such as England, India and Australia, test cricket is the most enduring format of the sport and the truest test of skill and desire the sport has.

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Test Cricket History

Test cricket is the longest iteration of the game and is considered the purest form of the game.

Test cricket is played over five days where each team bats and bowls twice. The two team captains toss a coin to decide whether his team will bat or bowl first.

Test matches are often gruelling encounters contested in extreme heat in hostile environments, a true test of cricketers’ mental, physical and technical abilities.

Test matches are organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC). 

The ICC determines which cricketing nations are awarded ‘Test status’, which means they are eligible to play matches against other nations in a official capacity.

Test Cricket Nations

Below is the list of the test playing nations and the date they were introduced into the international fold.

  •  England (15 March 1877)
  •  Australia (15 March 1877)
  •  South Africa (12 March 1889)
  •  West Indies (23 June 1928)
  •  New Zealand (10 January 1930)
  •  India (25 June 1932)
  •  Pakistan (16 October 1952)
  •  Sri Lanka (17 February 1982)
  •  Zimbabwe (18 October 1992)
  •  Bangladesh (10 November 2000)
  •  Ireland (11 May 2018)
  •  Afghanistan (14 June 2018)

Nations that compete against each other in Test matches usually play more than once which is called a Test series. 

The most famous test series is The Ashes, which sees England and Australia compete across a five match encounter. 

Some of the oldest and most prestigious Test series include the Frank Worrell Trophy between the West Indies and Australia, the Wisden Trophy between the West Indies and England and the Trans-Tasman Trophy between New Zealand and Australia.

Test Cricket FAQs

How long does a test match go for?

A test match is typically played across five days. This can be shorter, especially if there are weather delays that would mean a result will not be reached.

What countries currently play test matches?

England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Ireland and Afghanistan.

Where to live stream test cricket?

Visit our live streaming hub for all the information on how you can watch test cricket and every other sport.