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How to place a multibet

Last updated: 30 Nov 2021
Bets.com.au Staff 30 Nov 2021
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Multibets are proving to be an extremely popular way to bet
horse racing
Horse racing is just one sport you can include in a multi (Getty Images)
Multibets are one of the most popular bet types for Australian punters, but what exactly are they?

First of all, multis offer a great way to secure big winning returns on your bets as you combine various bets into one.

A multibet can be placed at bookmakers like Sportsbet. who offer the opportunity to combine any number of bets from two to 25 into one single bet.

Each individual bet is referred to as a “leg” of a multibet and you will need all results to go your way to bag a winner. The payout from each leg of the bet is used as the stake for each following leg in your multi bet, until all legs are completed.

So if you placed $5.00 on Essendon to win at $2.00, you would win $10. That $10 would then go onto the next leg of your multi and so on.

By the time you get to the last leg of the bet, you could have a vast amount of money being staked. So if you include that Essendon bet, the West Coast Eagles to win at $2 then Mystic Journey to win at $5, you would stand to win $100 from that initial $5 investment.

Multibet FAQ

What is a multibet?

A multibet is multiple bets placed into one overall wager. Each bet is multiplied into the next one, hence the name "multi".

How does a multibet work?

A multibet places two or more bets into one overall punt. Each bet is known as a leg. 
For each leg win that you have, the winnings from that bet rolls into the next leg. Which means if you place $100 on a horse paying $2, the next leg if that horse wins would effectively have $200 on it. 
This rolls on until either a leg loses or all of them are successful.

Is there any restrictions on what you can put in a multibet?

Generally if there's a betting market, you can include in in a multi. Some bookmakers will restrict specialty markets, and almost all of them will only allow one leg per game, but there's no limit to putting as many different sports in the one bet as you like.

What bookmakers allow multibets?

Almost every online bookmaker offers multibets. Check with your preferred bookie to see if they offer the service.

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