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How to calculate a Quaddie Percentage

One of the most popular betting types available is the Quaddie, or Quadrella as it is fully known, and we will explain how to calculate a Quaddie percentage.
How to calculate a Quaddie
How do you calculate a Quaddie percentage? (Getty)
Bets.com.au Staff 30 Nov 2021
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A Quaddie is a bet type where a punter must successfully predict the winner of four nominated races from a specific meeting. 

Each race is called a ‘leg’ of the Quaddie and all four races will consecutively follow one another. That is, the Quaddie at a meeting may be Races 4, 5, 6 and 7 or it could be Races 6, 7, 8 and 9 etc.

Generally now, the main Quaddie legs are in the last four races on a thoroughbred meeting whilst in harness and greyhound racing it'll vary more.

If you land all four legs, then you have won the Quaddie and will receive a dividend dependent on the percentage that was taken. 


You can either use a calculator or your own mind if you’re good with numbers to calculate a Quaddie percentage.

Simply put, it's a multplication of all legs.

For example if you have two runners in the first leg, three runners in the second leg, four runners in the third leg and five runners in the last leg, the total number will be 120.

This is worked out by multipying 2x3x4x5 which would make it a $120 cost for 100% of the Quaddie.


A Flexi Quaddie allows punters to take a smaller percentage of a Quaddie and/or stick to a maximum spend.

For example with 120 combinations (above), a punter can spend $60 for 50% of that Quaddie or $30 for 25%.

There's generally no limit which gives smaller punters a chance of collecting a little percentage of a large payout.

This is also popular on big days with large jackpots where many combinations can be included and with a small percentage taken.


Simply work your percentage which is always displayed on 100% of the dividend.

If you've got 25% of a $1,000 Quaddie dividend, you will collect $250.

Quaddie Betting FAQ

What is a Quaddie bet?

A Quaddie bet is a bet type where a punter must successfully predict the winner of four nominated races from a specific meeting.

How to place an Quaddie?

Bookmakers offer markets for Quaddie betting markets for the majority of thoroughbred meetings and for selected harness and greyhound programs.

How much can a Quaddie pay?

Quaddie dividends can be very lucrative.

For example the Quaddie at Sandown on January 8 2020 paid $13,363.70.


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