English Premier League Betting Tips

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The English Premier League (EPL) is the most popular soccer competition in the world and arguably the most competitive.

The EPL contains the best 20 teams in England and Wales that play each other twice (home and away) from August to May in a bid to be crowned champions.

While Australia has its own domestic soccer competition, it pales in comparison to the popularity of the EPL, which keeps Aussies up until the early hours every weekend.

English Premier League Betting Odds

Every major bookie offers Premier League betting odds on both the title itself, head-to-head matches and even the teams that will be relegated to the lower division.

Bookmakers like Sportsbet offer plenty of soccer betting markets so sign up today and check out what you can wager on.

Get the latest betting odds for the English Premier League including the battle for the title and the Golden Boot. 

English Premier League Winner Betting Odds

Manchester City secured the title in 2024 as they battled past Arsenal and Liverpool to secure the trophy. 

As soon as the odds for the 2024/25 season become available, they will be posted here. 

English Premier League Fixtures

The English Premier League fixture can be found by visiting the EPL's own website.

Click here to visit the EPL's website and see the up to date Premier League fixture.

English Premier League Table

The English Premier League is a unique competition due to the fact that there is no post-season. This means whoever tops the table at the completion of the season will be crowned champions.

Another added wrinkle to the EPL is that the bottom three teams get relegated to the second division of English football known as the Championship, while a trio of clubs are promoted to Premier League status.

English Premier League Bet of the Day

Check our weekly EPL tips for our English Premier League bet of the day.

English Premier League Live Streaming

Australian customers are only able to live stream the English Premier League through Optus Sport, who purchased the rights to the EPL several years ago. Optus Sport also holds the rights to the World Cup and Champions League, making it the Aussie home for soccer.

English Premier League News

Get up to the minute English Premier League news from the official Premier League website. Here you can find the latest news on the world's most popular soccer tournament.

English Premier League Transfer Rumours

Everyone loves the trasnfer market whether it's the summer one or the January window. 

For all the confirmed English Premier League transfers, visit the official site. For the rumours, your best bet is to follow notable journalists on Twitter.

English Premier League History

The English First Division ran from 1888 until 1992, which then gave birth to the EPL.  Great teams that have graced the league include Tottenham Hotspur in the early 1960s, Manchester United in the late 1960s and the amazing Liverpool teams of the 1970's and 80s. 

Today a lot of these teams remain in the Premier League and continue to fight it out year after year for the title. For the most part it's the same big clubs fighting it out but the magic of Leicester City's 2014-15 success shows that even the biggest clubs in the world can be toppled if the stars allign.

English Premier League Results

Get all the English Premier League results from the EPL's official website.

English Premier League Previous Winners

2024-25 TBC TBC
2023-24 Manchester City Arsenal
2022-23 Manchester City Arsenal
2021-22 Manchester City Liverpool
2020-21 Manchester City Manchester United
2019-20 Liverpool Manchester City
2018-19 Manchester City Liverpool
2017-18 Manchester City  Manchester United
2016-17 Chelsea  Tottenham Hotspur
2015-16 Leicester City Arsenal
2014-15 Chelsea  Manchester City
2013-14 Manchester City  Liverpool
2012-13 Manchester United  Manchester City
2011-12 Manchester City Manchester United
2010-11 Manchester United  Chelsea
2009-10 Chelsea Manchester United
2008-09 Manchester United  Liverpool
2007-08 Manchester United  Chelsea
2006-07 Manchester United  Chelsea
2005-06 Chelsea  Manchester United
2004-05 Chelsea Arsenal
2003-04 Arsenal  Chelsea
2002-03 Manchester United  Arsenal
2001-02 Arsenal  Liverpool
2000-01 Manchester United  Arsenal
1999-2000 Manchester United  Arsenal
1998-99 Manchester United  Arsenal
1997-98 Arsenal  Manchester United
1996-97 Manchester United  Newcastle United
1995-96 Manchester United  Newcastle United
1994-95 Blackburn Rovers Manchester United
1993-94 Manchester United Blackburn Rovers
1992-93 Manchester United Aston Villa

English Premier League FAQ

Where is the English Premier League played?

As the name suggests, the English Premier League is played predominantly in England. There are Welsh teams that can also compete in the league although none currently hold EPL status. 

Who has the most English Premier League titles?

Manchester United is currently the record title winners in the English top flight having won the Premier League 13 times since it's creation.

Who won the 2022/23 English Premier League title?

Manchester City won the 2022/23 English Premier League title, edging to the title by five points over Arsenal, who ran out of steam as the season edged towards its finale. 

How to live stream the English Premier League?

Visit our live streaming hub for information on how you can live stream the English Premier League and other soccer competitions.