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World Excel Championship 2022 - Watch the full replay of the All Star Battle Excel Esports

Last updated: 08 Aug 2022
Ben Darvill 08 Aug 2022
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  • The first ever edition of the World Excel Championships took place on June 8, 2022
  • Canada's Michael Jarman won the competition in 2022
  • Watch the build up and full live stream of the competition below

Missed the 2022 World Excel Championship? Watch the full coverage of the All-Star Battle Excel Esports below.
Yes, you absolutely read that right, there is a competition that revolves around Excel work-sheets.

Microsoft Excel may be something that has become akin to keeping track of expenses, but June 8 saw the first ever Microsoft Excel Financial Modeling World Cup. 

Taking part in the first ever competition were Andrew Ngai of the UK, Michael Jarman of Canada, Stepganie Annerose of the USA and Jason Webber of South Africa. Also taking part was John Lim of Australia, Gabriela Stroj of Poland, Anup Argawal of India and Siang Tan from Malaysia.

When the competition began, there was a small sample size for trying to work out who would win. After all, the competition itself was hardly widely-known, with the Esport of Microsoft Excel not one that will be mentioned in the same breath as the FIFA World Cup, for example. 

However, the competition saw all contestants given a case study. They then had to do revenue and production cost modeling using Excel, including sales, shipping and a summary of their models. 

After 40 minutes of intense battling, Canda's Michael Jarman announced himself as the Microsoft Excel champion. 

If you are still left asking how this is a sport, it is because there is an element of competition in it. This is achieved through asking the competitors to create a complete financial plan as quickly as possible. 

With so many different ways to create a spreadsheet due to the range of calculation commands, competitiors were forced to really think about how they would create their spreadhseet. The person that worked out the shortest and quickest way to create their plan was crowned the champion. 

Will you be watching the next edition of the All-Star Battle Excel Esports?

All-Star Battle Excel Esports 2022 FAQs

When did the All-Star Battle Excel Esports take place? 

The competition took place on June 8, 2022. 

Who won the first edition of the World Excel Championships?

Canada's Micahel Jarman won the first edition of the competition. 

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