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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer game, that is part of the eSports circuit, played by users all around the globe.

Overwatch eSports offers a wide range of tournaments for players of all different skill levels, from beginners all the way up to the best teams in the world.

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The Overwatch League

The Overwatch League (OWL) is the biggest eSports league in Overwatch. The league sees a set of permanent city-based teams battling for supremacy. 

The league uses a regular season and playoff format instead of a promotion and relegation format, with the latter commonly used in other non-North American leagues. The league was announced in 2016 with its first season taking place in 2018. 

Overwatch League Format

The Overwatch League is owned by Blizzard Entertainment and run by Major League Gaming. Teams play scheduled games against other sides to battle for position in the playoffs. 

The league features 19 teams split into the East and West regions. Teams are rewarded with prize money based on how they place at the end of the season, as well as for placing high in the playoffs and post-season tournament. 

Overwatch is a five-versus-five team based first-person shooter. The goal depends on the game mode being played, with the object of the game to capture an objective or push something from one part of the map to another. 

Players pick between heroes that fall under the damage, support and tank classes. The composition of a team is incredibly important as having an unbalanced side can see a team struggle if they do not have enough of or the correct type of class. 

Overwatch League Teams

There are a grand total of 19 teams playing in the Overwatch League. These teams are split into the East Region and the West Region. There are seven teams in the East Region and 13 teams in the West Region. 

East Region

Year Joined
Dallas FuelDallas2018
Guangzhou ChargeGuangzhou2019
Hangzhou SparkHangzhou2019
Seoul InfernalSeoul 2018
Seoul DynastySeoul2018
Shanghai DragonsShanghai 2018

West Region

Year Joined
Atlanta ReignAtlanta2019
Boston UprisingBoston2018
Florida MayhemMiami-Orlando2018
Houston OutlawsHouston2018
London SpitfireLondon2018
Los Angeles GladiatorsLos Angeles2018
Los Angeles ValiantLos Angeles2018
New York ExcelsiorNew York City2018
San Francisco ShockSan Francisco2018
Toronto DefiantToronto 2019
Vancouver TitansVancouver2019
Vegas EternalLas Vegas2019
Washington JusticeWashington DC2019

Previous Overwatch League Champions

As of 2023, 19 teams battle for the title, with five teams winning across six iterations of the competition. They are as follows:

2018London Spitfire2-0Philadelphia Fusion
2019San Francisco Shock4-0Vancouver Titans
2020San Francisco Shock4-2Seoul Dynasty
2021Shanghai Dragons4-0Atlanta Reign
2022Dallas Fuel4-3San Francisco Shocl 
2023Florida Mayhem4-0Houston Outlaws

Overwatch FAQs

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer, first person shooter game played on the e-sports circuit.

What console is Overwatch played on?

Overwatch is a game played on PC across the globe.

Where can I live stream Overwatch?

Check out our live streaming hub to see how you can live stream Overwatch.