StarCraft 2 Betting Tips & Live Streams

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Starcraft 2 is a real-time strategy game, where players can choose between three 'races' and can decide which 'mode' that they play in.

The 'races' are essentially which team you are on, while the mode is the gameplay style that you want, multiplayer for example.

StarCraft 2 Live Streaming

Watch StarCraft 2 live stream anywhere you can obtain an internet connection. Live streaming is a great way to watch e-sports on your phone, iPad, tablet or computer.

You can watch StarCraft live streams through a number of ways. You can either utilise a betting site like bet365 or Picklebet, or you can head to the dedicated Twitch or YouTube page. 

Many of the top tournaments and matches are shown throughout the year, with many players choosing to stream matches on their own Twitch channel. 

Betting on StarCraft 2


Betting on StarCraft has become very popular as the interest in eSports has blossomed. This has seen a number of betting sites flock to offer odds and markets for the biggest video games. 

You can see the best StarCraft betting sites below.
What are you really gambling with? Set a deposit limit.

StarCraft 2 eSports Structure

Activision signed a deal with ESL and DreamHack in 2020 to organise StarCraft II eSports events. This was an immediate hit, with Pro Tour events now watched by millions of people each year. 

StarCraft eSports tournaments are very well funded and brings the top talent from across the world to town. The last few years has seen it branch out to Korea, with players from China and Europe making themselves known at the international events. 

There are a glut of major StarCraft tournaments happening every year, with the biggest being:

  • The ESL Pro Tour is the biggest event. Two global events are held at DreamHack each year, offering a prize pool of over $100,000. The Global Finals are held at IEM Katowice to conclude the season, offering $500,000 as its prize pool. 
  • The Global StarCraft II League (GSL) is another one of the biggest competitions. Two seasons a year are played out in Seoul, South Korea, with a prize pool of $123,000 available. 
  • The World Team League (WTL) is a seasonal event with summer and winter editions that offer $88,000 as the prize pool. 

The ESL Pro Tour started when ESL and DreamHack merged in 2020. It is organised in collaboration with AfreecaTV. The ESL Pro Tour is split into seven regional tournaments called Global Events each year along with the Global Finals at IEM Katowice. The regions are:

  • South Korea
  • Rest of the World, split into the sub regions:
  • Europe (Europe and Africa)
  • North America (USA and Canada)
  • Latin America (Rest of the Americas)
  • China (Mainland China)
  • Taiwan (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Mongolia)
  • Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, and all unassigned Asian countries)

The Best StarCraft Players

Lee Byeong “Rogue” Yeol from Korea is arguably one of the best StarCraft players of all time. He’s a dominant force at the GSL, having won five seasons in a supreme run for the star. 

He boasts a whole list of achievements, including winning the IEM Masters and GSL Super Tournament back-to-back in 2018, as well as the WCS Global Finals. He also took home the IEM Katowice world championship in 2020.

Another prominent SC2 player in the last decades is Cho ‘Maru’ Seong-ju, who currently plays for Onsyde Gaming. He achieved fame at the age of 13 by competing at the GSL, becoming the tournament’s youngest player of all time. 

He has gone on to win numerous championships, most recently winning the DreamHack Masters Winter final. In 2018, he pulled off a hattrick at the GSL by winning all three seasons in the year.

Joona ‘Serral’ Sotala has also been around the SC2 scene for a while, and rose to prominence ever since 2018. His emergence has finally shifted the spotlight away from Korea, especially since he became the only non-Korean player to reach and win a WCS Global Finals in 2018.

StarCraft 2 Social Media

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Starcraft 2 FAQs

What is Starcraft 2?

Starcraft 2 is a real-time strategy game, where players can choose between three 'races' and can decide which 'mode' that they play in.

Who can play Starcraft 2?

Starcraft is played on PC, but can be downloaded for free, but the full version which is played at tournaments much be purchased.

How can I live stream Starcraft 2?

Check out our live streaming hub to see how you can live stream Stracraft 2.