South Sydney Rabbitohs Betting Tips, Odds & Latest News

The South Sydney Rabbitohs are the most successful Australian club in rugby league history.

With 21 premierships to their name, the Bunnies have had a troubled history in recent times but remain one of the true powerhouses of the NRL.

South Sydney Rabbitohs History

The South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club was formed at a meeting on 17 January 1908 at Redfern Town Hall when administrator J J Giltinan, cricketer Victor Trumper and politician Henry Hoyle gathered together in front of a large crowd of supporters.

The club was always competing for premierships but failed to gain a financial foothold.

The club stayed afloat in the 1990s despite major financial problems. The Super League War and the eventual formation of the National Rugby League affected the club greatly when it was determined in 1998 that the newly formed competition would be contracted to 14 teams for the 2000 season. Following a series of mergers by other teams, South Sydney failed to meet the NRL's selection criteria to compete in the competition and were excluded from the premiership at the end of the 1999 season.

In 2000 and 2001, South Sydney fought their way back into the competition following a string of high-profile legal battles against the NRL and News Limited  A number of well attended public rallies took place during this time, as supporters from many different clubs got behind South Sydney's case. Upon appeal to the Federal Court in 2001, South Sydney won readmission into the premiership for the 2002 season.

After a lean period of 43 years, the Rabbitohs broke their premiership drought in 2014 to claim a record 21st NRL premiership.

South Sydney Rabbitohs Live Streaming

South Sydney Rabbtiohs fans that want to live stream their club's games can find all the information on how they can watch via their phone, laptop or tablet at our live streaming page.

South Sydney Rabbitohs Betting Odds

There are several methods you can use to stay up to date with the latest Bunnies betting odds, like checking with the bookmaker accounts you have to see which one offers the best markets. 

South Sydney Rabbitohs Bonus Bets

Due to Australian legalisation online bookmakers are unable to offer South Sydney Rabbitohs bonus bets to their customers. 

Most bookmakers do offer money back and bonus bet deals on games throughout the season which can generate you bonus bets, so keep an eye with your bookie to see what deals are in place.

South Sydney Rabbtiohs Fixtures

Rather than visiting a third party website with unreliable fixtures on the Bunnies, it is better to go straight to the source for your Rabbitohs fixtures.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs website can be found at

South Sydney Rabbitohs Results

To keep up to date with the latest South Sydney results your best bet is to visit either the Rabbitohs site or the NRL official site.

Both sites offer South Sydney live scores and the match results following any Bunnies match. 

South Sydney Rabbitohs Team News

Before betting on the Bunnies it is important to know who's named in the line up. A key inclusion or a big-name out could be the difference between you getting a winning dividend and your best South Sydney Rabbtiohs bet going down.

Our previews on the South Sydney Rabbitohs will always include the full named squad leading into a match so you'll never be questioning who's lining up for the Bunnies.

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South Sydney Rabbitohs News

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For all the big breaking news relating to the betting markets visit our site to keep informed on the Bunnies. 

South Sydney Rabbtiohs Social Media

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If you simply want to search for South Sydney Rabbitohs social media news, the hashtag #gorabbitohs.

South Sydney Rabbtiohs FAQ

Who is the coach of the South Sydney Rabbitohs?

Wayne Bennett is the current coach of the South Sydney Rabbtiohs.

Who is the captain of the South Sydney Rabbitohs?

Sam Burgess is the current captain of the South Sydney Rabbtiohs.

How many premierships have South Sydney Rabbtiohs?

The Sydney Sydney Rabbtiohs have won 21 premierships.

When did the South Sydney Rabbitohs last win a premiership?

The South Sydney Rabbitohs last won a premiership in 2014.

When did the South Sydney Rabbtiohs play their first ever game?

The Rabbitohs played in the first round of the newly formed New South Wales Rugby League, defeating North Sydney 11–7 at Birchgrove Oval on 20 April 1908