2020 NRL Grand Final Betting Tips & Preview

Looking for free NRL Grand Final betting tips? Bets.com.au is home to the biggest and best 2020 NRL Grand Final tips and preview. 

The end of the NRL home and away season and finals culminates in the Grand Final - arguably one of the biggest Australian sporting events. 

And right here you can get our tips and predictions for the NRL Grand Final winner, First try scorer tips, Clive Churchill Medal winner and much more for the big day.

2020 NRL Finals Series

The 2020 NRL Finals series runs from Friday, October 2 through to the Grand Final on October 25. The schedule is below:

Qualifying Finals
Penrith Panthers vs Sydney Roosters2/10/20
Melbourne Storm vs Parramatta Eels3/10/20
Eliminations Finals
Canberra Raiders vs Cronulla Sharks3/10/20
South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Newcastle Knights4/10/20
Semi Finals
Sydney Roosters vs Canberra Raiders9/10/20
Parramatta Eels vs South Sydney Rabbitohs10/10/20
Preliminary Finals
Melbourne Storm vs Canberra Raiders16/10/20
Penrith Panthers vs South Sydney Rabbitohs17/10/20
NRL Grand Final
Penrith Panthers vs Melbourne Storm25/10/20

2020 NRL Grand Final Betting Odds

Traditionally played on the second Sunday after the AFL Grand Final, this season it will be played the day after due to the Covid situation.

The latest odds for the Grand Final heading into the 2020 Finals Series are below:

Melbourne Storm $1.68
Penrith Panthers $2.18

Odds are provided by Sportsbetting and are correct as of 19/10/20

NRL Grand Final Betting Promotions

Millions across Australia tune in to watch one of the biggest gambling events on the Australian sporting calendar - the NRL Grand Final is a huge betting event. And there are a lot of bookmaker promotions on the big game.

In addition to ongoing bookmaker specials throughout the year like same-game multis, early payouts, boosted odds and super margins, the NRL Grand Final will attract a full suite of promotions from bookmakers looking to attract your business on such a busy day.

Specials will typically target Clive Churchill Medal markets, player exotics, first try scorers and other popular bets for casuals. Keep a close eye on all the offerings in the lead up to the game and make sure you’re maximising your bets.

NRL Grand Final Betting Options

The number of betting options available to the NRL Grand Final are huge. Here is our guide to the most popular markets:

Win bet: this is as simple as it sounds and just requires you picking the correct winning team

Line bet: line or ‘spread’ betting requires punters to select the correct team after a points handicap has been issued by a bookmaker. For example, if Penrith is given +2.5 line against the Roosters, which has a -2.5 line, it means that the bookmakers believe that Penrith is 2.5 points behind the Roosters in betting. If Penrith loses by 2 points, they will COVER the line, but if they lose by 3 points, the Roosters have covered the 2.5 handicap given to their opponents. The line bet is a popular bookmaker tool to even out the betting and put each team on an even keel before a match starts.

Margin bet: In addition to the line bet, bookmakers will also offer punters a number of options to choose from when it comes to the winning team and winning margin. An example of a winning margin is to wager on a team to win within 1-12 points. The odds for this margin may be slightly above a simple win bet, offering punters more value if they believe it will be a low-scoring game.

First try: This market is exactly as advertised. If you can correctly select the first player to score a goal in a game, you’ll win. Odds for wingers are much shorter than centres defenders. The first try-scorer is an extremely-popular market for the NRL Grand Final.

Total Match Points: The total match points is a popular betting markets where the bookies set the margin at $1.90, and punters simply choose whether they believe they total points of the match will be over or under that amount.

Clive Churchill Medal: The Clive Churchill Medal rewards the player that stood above the rest and performed on the biggest stage in the game – the NRL Grand Final. The Clive Churchill goes to the best on ground in the finale and is voted on by a select group of media and ex-NRL players and champions.

NRL Grand Final Live Streaming

If, for some crazy reason, you can’t get yourself behind a television on Grand Final day, or you’re overseas and not able to tune into the free-to-air telecast on Channel 8, there are live stream options so you don’t have to miss the action.

Check out our live streaming hub to see all of your live streaming options for the 2020 NRL Grand Final.

NRL Grand Final News

Make sure that before you bet on the NRL Grand Final, you’re doing so fully informed about form, injuries and the patterns in betting and moving odds. Keep an eye on our news section as we keep an eye on all the crucial goings-on that will have an effect on your betting. 

NRL Grand Final FAQ

When is the 2020 NRL Grand Final?

The 2020 NRL Grand Final is set to be played at ANZ Stadium on Sunday, October 25th.

Where is the 2020 NRL Grand Final played?

ANZ Stadium will hosts the NRL Grand Finals after looking doubtful due to the Covid-19 scenario.

Who won the 2019 NRL Grand Final?

The Sydney Roosters won the 2019 NRL Premiership, for the second year in a row, looking for a three-peat this season.

Who has won the most NRL Grand Finals?

South Sydney Rabbitohs have won 21 premierships while the Roosters and Dragons have won 15 apiece.

What is the biggest crowd in NRL Grand Final history?

The 1999 Grand Final set a record for 107,999 in attendance.

How to live stream the NRL Grand Final?

Visit our live streaming hub for information on how you can watch the NRL Grand Final from your phone, laptop or tablet.