Press Conferences

In sport and racing there's no better way for the athlete, coach or trainer to relate to their fans and express their opinions like a press conference.

They're sometimes boring like an AFL coach who doesn't want to give anything away, but occasionally you'll get a showmen the magnitude of Conor McGregor who can light up a press conference brighter than a Christmas tree.

Here you'll be able to find out the latest information on the upcoming press conferences for sport and racing with live videos you can watch online. 

Where To Watch Press Conferences

Get the latest information on upcoming press conferences below:

Press Conference FAQ

What is a press conference?

A press conference is a live video from a coach, athlete or representative held in front of the media. This is usually to help promote an event or inform the public of breaking news.

Why are press conferences held?

Press conferences are held to either promote an upcoming event or to keep the public informed of the latest breaking news.

How to live stream sport press conferences?

Visit our live streaming hub for all the information you need to live stream the upcoming important press conferences.

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