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Married At First Sight Season 9 Betting Odds – Can Science Really Find True love?

Last updated: 04 Mar 2022
Ben Darvill 04 Mar 2022
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  • Married At First Sight returns for its 9th season 
  • The bookmakers have had their say on how many couples will stay together
  • Can science really help you find love? 
Married At First Sight
Married At First Sight returns for a 9th season (Getty Images)

Married At First Sight season 9 brings the experimental TV dating show back for what will surely prove to be yet another enthralling, unpredictable season of reality TV.

With tears of joy, rejection, and everything in between all but assured, the series has become as unmissable as it is controversial. 

Married At First Sight Australia will return and, for those that have been living under a rock for the last eight seasons, it will provide a series of brides and grooms-to-be that have never met each other and, you guessed it, get them to marry each other at first sight. 

Of course, the couplings are not completely random. While the idea behind the show itself is crazy, there is some supposed science behind it. Indeed, relationship experts Mel Schilling and John Aiken work alongside Alessandra Rampolla, who is a clinical sexologist. 

From the wedding, the show then documents their honeymoon and the couples moving in together. The intrigue starts as the bride walks down the aisle and only amps up from there. 

Ladbrokes have priced up how many couples they believe will stay together, with 3-4 couples the favourite at $1.40. Next is 1-2 couples, while the rank outsider is for 9 or more couples to stay together at $51.00. 

The bet itself is settled on the number of original couples that are still together at the conclusion of the ‘final vows’ episode. 

Married At First Sight Season 9 Betting Odds

Number Of Couples Still Together
3-4 couples to remain together$1.40
1-2 couples to remain together$2.25
5-6 couples to remain together$6.00
No couples to remain together$13.00
7-8 couples to remain together$17.00
9 or more couples to remain together$51.00

Note: Odds from Ladbrokes. Correct at 03/03/22

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