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Betting on the Lego Masters TV Show - The Runners & Riders

Last updated: 17 Apr 2020
Bets.com.au Staff 17 Apr 2020
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  • Lego Masters 2020 - detailed look at the Contenders 
Lego Masters was the surprise Australian reality TV smash hit of 2019. And with most major sports on indefinite hiatus, the second season of the family-friendly but highly addictive show is set to prove a novelty betting market sensation with punters in coming months.

Lego Masters 2020 premieres at 7pm on Sunday 19 April on Channel Nine – and Sportsbet has Lego Masters odds for eager punters and fans of interlocking plastic bricks alike.

The Hamish Blake–hosted show pits eight teams of two against one another in a series of Lego-building challenges over nine weeks. Teams are gradually eliminated, until the three remaining teams square off in the Grand Final episode. As Lego Masters demonstrates, the iconic Danish toys are not just for kids – the youngest contestant in either Australian series so far was 17.

Henry and Cade, a mid-thirties duo dubbed ‘Team Dad’, took out the $100,000 first prize in Season 1 of Lego Masters. They clinched Grand Final glory with an epic build depicting the god Poseidon protecting a boat of warriors from a sea serpent.

Incredibly, the pair met just hours before the first episode was filmed – suggesting the closeness of a team’s relationship is not a guaranteed foundation for success.

Workmates David (33) and G (52) finished runners-up in the Grand Final with their theme park build. Childhood pals Jordan (19) and Miller (20) – the youngest team in the competition – landed third with an elaborate spaceship scene.

At the time of writing, a pair of 29-year-old high school buddies head into Lego Masters 2020 as warm $2.25 favourites. The first season established that creative flair is just as important as technical know-how – so these hipster-geeks, visual artist Jackson and environmental engineer Alex, shape as an ideal balance.

Best mates Damian (43) and Andrew (49) aren’t going to win any cool-guy competitions, but they shape as serious Lego Masters threats and are on the second line of betting at $3.25. The southeast Queensland pair met at a Lego show while admiring each other’s castles. Enough said.

Tim and Dannii, both 25, have been strongly backed into $4 to become Lego Masters’ second champions. Tim overcame a brain tumour five years ago, with Lego playing a key therapeutic role in his recovery – sparking an obsession in these high school sweethearts. The sole married couple in Season 1, Jimmy and Maddy, finished a credible fifth.

The only all-female team in Season 1, Marielle and Kaitlyn, was the first duo eliminated. But Jennifer (30) and Jodie (37) take up the fourth line of betting at $5. The combination of an engineer and a stay-at-home mum with a deep passion for Lego could be a winning one. Destined to be one of the viewers’ sentimental favourites.

Jay and Stani have just entered their forties and have been slinging blocks together for more than three decades. The Sydneysiders’ Lego wonderlands in their respective homes is testament to their genuine claims to the prize money, and these guys are one to watch as the season progresses. At the moment, they present red-hot value at $5.50 if they are prepared to think outside the box.

Trent (38, accountant) and Josh (27, primary school chaplain) don’t exactly scream ‘Lego Masters Champions’ on the surface. But Trent’s insane toy knowledge background, Josh’s experience in building Lego creations on the job and their shared kooky streak make these dudes a team to watch at $5.50.

Runa (28) is a scientist who was diagnosed with a brain tumour as a teenager and used Lego to help retrain her eyes and brain. It’s become more than a recovery hobby, and she won best in show at Brickvention 2019. Quirky tea-leaf reader Annie (29) is her teammate – and this odd couple might just have the right chemistry to make a run for the crown. Don’t sleep on the scientist and the psychic as a $7.50 roughie in these initial stages.

Being the youngest twosome didn’t hold Jordan and Miller back last season, and Season 2’s greenest pair – Summer (19) and Iona (18) – have serious credentials. Engineering student Summer has competed nationally, while Iona has featured on the international Lego competition stage. Expect the lifelong friends to be backed in heavily from the last line of betting at $9.50 after they show what they’re capable of in the first couple of episodes.

The first season of Lego Masters became an immediate cult favourite, a pleasant change from the overload of cooking shows and the trashiness of MAFS, The Bachelor et al. Lego Masters 2020 is shaping as an equally absorbing watch – and an ultra-popular novelty market – with a fascinating batch of teams (inter)locking horns in the Brick Pit. Choose your duo and get behind them ahead of Sunday’s night’s premiere episode.

Sportsbet has Lego Masters betting options and Lego Masters tips available on Lego Masters 2020. Bet now.

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