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How Can We Make The BBL Great Again?

Last updated: 11 Feb 2020
Bets.com.au Staff 11 Feb 2020
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Bets.com.au editor Todd Davey details his five point plan to get the BBL back where it belongs
Steve Smith
The big names must be made available for the BBL (Getty Images)

How Can We Make The BBL Great Again?

It's not exactly fair to say the Big Bash League is in crisis just yet but the golden goose of Cricket Australia needs some love and attention to get it back to its former glory.

Crowds are down, ratings are dwindling and interest in the competition is waning each and every year, and everyone has an opinion on how to get the sport thriving.

How do we get the BBL back to the pinnacle? We've devised our five step plan to make the Big Bash great again.

5. Introduce DRS

Introducing DRS to the BBL would eliminate some of the more bizarre decisions we've endured in 2019/20 (Getty Images)

Fans were enraged at the umpires almost all the way though this year's Big Bash season and the simplest solution is to implement DRS.

We don't want incorrect decisions ruining any games and this is the best way to negate that. It might be costly to deliver this at every stadium but the price far outweighs the potential benefits.

It also creates that little bit of extra drama for every game and who doesn't love that?

4. Make Wides A Free Hit

There's nothing the fans love more in the BBL than a big hit (Getty Images)

This might get a few people offside but changing the rule to make a wide a free hit would make the BBL exponentially more interesting.

Boundaries are what the fans love the most about the Big Bash and this gives players the opportunity to clear pickets with greater regularity. 

Let's be honest; T20 is hit and giggle anyway, why not make it more exciting? 

3. Scrap The Timeout

Moises Henriques and Jordan Silk of the Sixers take a drink at time-out (Getty Images)

For a sport that bills itself as non-stop action, the strategical time-out has been one of the worst innovations in the competition's history.

Let's face it; if a cricketer cannot look at the scoreboard and determine whether or not they need to lift the tempo, consolidate at the crease or start swinging for the fences then they can't be helped.

Seriously, scrap the time-out.

2. Shorten The Season & Fix The Schedule

Traeger Park
Alice Springs hosted BBL cricket in 2019 (Getty Images)

The schedule for the BBL is broken and is one of the issues that needs fixing heading into the next campaign.

The game is marketed towards kids, this means the tournament should conclude before the school holidays are finished. 

Three months for the season is simply too long. Cricket Australia should be looking at tightening the schedule and utilising double and triple headers where ever possible.

1. Making Sure The Big Names Play The Full Season

AB Devillers
Stars like AB de Villiers should be here for the entirety of the tournament (Getty Images)

The last point seems the most obvious one, but it seems to have been forgotten by Cricket Australia.

It seems we have a revolving door of superstar cricketers that come down under to play a handful of games before taking their talents elsewhere. 

If we loosened the salary cap restrictions and ensured teams bring in the gun players for the entirety of the tournament not only will the BBL be a much healthier competition but attendances and viewership will no doubt sky-rocket as a result. 

Big Bash League (BBL) FAQ

What is the Big Bash League?

The Big Bash League (BBL) is Australia's T20 domestic tournament that runs for three months throughout the summer.

How long does a BBL game take?

Three hours.

The overall length of the game is dependent on the weather if played at an outdoor venue but all things going well a game of BBL should conclude after three hours.

How much do BBL players get paid?

The salary cap for each team in BBL|09 will now be $1,820,000, BBL|10 will be $1,860,000, while BBL|11 will be $1,900,000. 

Who won the last BBL season?

The Sydney Sixers defeated the Melbourne Stars in Sydney on Sunday, February 8 to win their second ever BBL title.

How many finals have the Melbourne Stars lost?

The Melbourne Stars have made it to the Big Bash League final on three occasions and have yet to win a decider.

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