Aqua Rugby 2022

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Aqua Rugby Predictions & Betting Tips

Aqua Rugby is a game that is as unpredictable as it is exciting. The premise of the game sees players getting smashed off the sides and into the water, while tries are scored by diving off the edge of the pontoon between the corner flags. 

The game itself is fairly similar to traditional rugby union with some small exceptions. The pitch is obviously far smaller and is a floating pontoon. The teams have less players with rolling-subs for when players leave the pontoon. Ultimately, Aqua Rugby is the best place to make a splash in the world of rugby!

Played on the Manly Shoreline in Australia, avid fans of the game can watch from the shore or on boats and yachts. While the competition may not be as big as standard rugby union or rugby league matches, the tournament itself it gaining popularity quickly. 

The competition will be played out across November 10-12, 2022. New Zealand legend Ma'a Nonu is the headline act at the competition this year, with the All Blacks icon set to be joined by Wallabies winger Drew Mitchell and Wallaroos lock Sera Naiqama. 

How to get involved

If you are lucky enough to already have a ticket to the competition, then all you need to do is head down to the venue on the Manly shoreline. 

If you still want tickets for the competition then you can head over to the Aqua Rugby website. Here, you will find extra information when it comes to the tournament including buying packages, match information, yachts and more. 

Aqua Rugby Rules

The rules of Aqua Rugby are as follows:

  • Five players per team and two reserves.
  • 10 minute games split into two five minute halves and two minutes for half-time. 
  • The pitch is a 30x30m floating pontoon
  • Try scoring is done by diving off the pontoon inside the corner posts.
  • Restarts following knock-ons and penalties are done by a simple tap with the boot. 
  • There is a five meter offside line rule to rucks, mauls, knock-ons, penalties and lineout restarts as set by the referee.
  • No kicking in general play.
  • No scrums or lineouts. 

Aqua Rugby Teams

Teams are split into two sections, with the 'Teams' and the 'Exhibition Teams'. They are as follows:

Exhibition Teams:

  • Australian Army
  • Australian Navy


  • Aqua Rugby Barbarians
  • Gordon Rugby Teams
  • Mosman Rugby
  • Northern Suburbs Rugby Teams 
  • Aqua Rugby Country Team
  • Warringah Rugby Teams 
  • Sydney Convicts
  • Manly Rugby Teams
  • Lloyd McDermott Rugby Teams 
  • Randwick Rugby Teams
  • Pig Athletic Club
  • Sydney University
  • Rugby WA
  • Manly Savers 
  • Eastern Suburbs

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Aqua Rugby FAQs

What is Aqua Rugby?

Aqua Rugby is the newest and most outrageous form of rugby. Played on a pontoon floating on water, Aqua Rugby sees smaller teams trying to outscore their opponents. Points are scored by scoring NFL style tries in which players dive off the edge of the pontoon between the corner flags to score. 

When is the 2022 Aqua Rugby competition?

The competition is due to take place between November 10-12, 2022. 

Where is the Aqua Rugby competition played?

The competition is played on the Manly Shoreline in Australia.