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New South Wales Election Betting Odds - Who will win power in NSW Election 2023?

03 Aug 2022
Justin Darcy 03 Aug 2022
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  • The 2023 New South Wales Election takes place on Saturday, March 25
  • Labor now head the market with Ladbrokes
  • Premier Dominic Perrottet is facing his first election
  • Chris Minns is the current leader of the NSW Labor Party
NSW Election
Will Dominic Perrottet and the NSW Liberal Party be re-elected in 2023? (Getty)

The 2023 New South Wales State Election takes place on March 25, where Liberal (Coalition) and current premier Dominic Perrottet will try to remain in office.

At $2, Ladbrokes have them as the second market elects, with ALP the $1.75 favourites.

The Liberal government in NSW hold 48 seats, while Labor hold 36.

Parties such as Greens, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, Independents and One Nation are all outsiders in the battle between Labor and Liberal.

The opposition leader is Chris Minns, who succeeded Jodi McKay in May, 2021.

Who is the ALP candidate for the 2023 New South Wales Election?

Chris Minns will be running as the likely Labor Party candidate at the 2023 election, running for the first time.

Chris Minns succeeded Jodi McKay in 2021 as the Opposition Leader in New South Wales.

Who is the Liberal candidate for the 2023 New South Wales Election?

Current Premier of New South Wales Dominic Perrottet is the likely candidate for the Liberals in the 2023 election.

Liberal currently holds 48 seats, six less than what they held after the last state election, but stills it 12 seats ahead of the Labor Party.

Next New South Wales Election Betting Odds

Coalition $2.00
Independent $151.00
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers$201.00
One Nation$251.00
Odds courtesy of Ladbrokes & correct at 6.30am on 04/08/2022.

New South Wales Election FAQs

What date is the NSW Election?

The NSW Election is on Saturday, March 25 unless the Governor dissolves the house sooner on the advice of the premier.

Who is favourite to win the NSW Election?

ALP are the current favourites to win the NSW election.

Who are the candidates for the NSW Election?

Current premier Dominic Perrottet will run for the Liberal party, while Opposition Leader Chris Minns will likely challenge him.

Who is the ALP candidate for the 2023 NSW Election?

Chris Minns is the 2023 ALP candidate.

Who is the Liberal candidate for the 2023 NSW Election?

Dominic Perrottet is the current Liberal candidate.


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