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Northern Territory Betting Odds - Which party will win the Northern Territory General Election?

Last updated: 05 Mar 2024
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Bets.com.au Staff 05 Mar 2024
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  • Labor won the Northern Territory General Election in 2020 
  • Which party will win the election?
  • Odds from Ladbrokes
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The 2024 Northern Territory General Election is edging closer, with each party involved looking to snare victory following the last election in 2020. 

Ahead of the election on August 24, 2024, Labor are the favourites to win the Northern Territory General Election at $1.75 with Ladbrokes, but are they the party to back?

Northern Territory Election Winner
Country Liberal Party$2.05
Any Other Pary$41.00
Note: Odds from Ladbrokes. Correct on 5/3/2024

With the election set to take place in the Northern Territory on August 24, 2024, Labor are the favourites to win at $1.75. The Country Liberal Party are not far behind at $2.05, while any other party winning is available at $41.00. 

Labor will be led by Eva Lawler in 2024, with the party looking to build on the 14 seats they picked up in 2020. This was enough to notch a majority by a single seat, with 13 seats needed for a majority. 

Lawler will be looking to help her Labor Party to gain re-election, although a victory for her Labor Party would be the first time they have won with Lawler as their leader. Back in 2020, Michael Gunner had led the party to election victory, although they had lost seats and squeezed to 14 seats, enough for a majority by a single seat. 

Meanwhile, the Country Liberal Party will be looking to build on their impressive gains in the last election. They went from two seats in 2016 to eight in 2020. 

Parliament has a four-year fixed term in office, meaning elections are to be held on the fourth Saturday of August every four years. The next general election will take place in 2024, meaning there is now less than a year to go until the Northern Territory decides whether they want to make a change at the top. 

Which party do you think will triumph in the 2024 Northern Territory General Election? Can Labor secure re-election, or will another party triumph?

Northern Territory General Election FAQs

When will the next Northern Territory General Election be held?

The next General Election in the Northern Territory will be held on August 24, 2024.

Which party is currently in office in the Northern Territory?

The Labor Party, led by Eva Lawler, is currently the party in office. 

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