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South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL 2024 Predictions, Projections and Player Movement:

Last updated: 10 Feb 2024
Jeremy Darke 10 Feb 2024
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  • Rabbitohs expected to improve on last year and finish in seventh.
  • Jack Wighton's addition to the club boosts Souths' chances.
  • Issues defensively at the end of last season need to be rectified.
Jack Wighton, Latrell Mitchell
Jack Wighton's move to play with mate Latrell Mitchell was the bigget of the offseason. (Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

NRL 2024 Predictions, Projections and Player Movement: South Sydney Rabbitohs

  • NRL 2024 Predictions, Projections and Player Movement: South Sydney Rabbitohs
  • Where they finish: 7th
  • What’s to like 
  • What’s NOT to like
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs Offseason Player Movement
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs Predicted Starting 17

Where they finish: 7th

What Souths have the potential to be and what they actually will be all depends on the form of Latrell Mitchell and also the evolution of Jack Wighton at the club this season. Watching their form late last year raised some eyebrows and if the energy at the club is at the same level then the Rabbits will be fighting it out for the last spots in the finals, if they get it together they will record more wins than expected..

What’s to like 

Obviously the move of bringing in another gamebreaker in the form of Jack Wighton is going to lift the Bunnies to another level. Wighton’s move from the Raiders has been well documented based around his relationship with Latrell Mitchell. The bigger eye-opener will be how he connects with Cody Walker and also what space he will create for Alex Johnston with the former Canbera half expected to play at left centre. Wighton may also get a licence to roam which can have a positive outcome if there are not too many cooks spoiling the broth.

What’s NOT to like

Watching the Bunnies fall off the pace in 2023 after Origin was a real concern and the form of the fearless leader at the back Latrell Mitchell was painful to see. The bunnies went from sitting in the top 4 to missing the finals on the final day of the regular season and they are now relying on Wighton to be the key to success in 2024.

Bringing in Sean Keppie adds a little depth to their forwards but their front-row is a liability, especially as they begin to deal with injury and suspension. The Bunnies didn’t cut it defensively in the middle late in the season and were susceptible to some really soft tries, conceding an average of 27.3 points per game in their final 13 games, winning just four of those. 

If they do not improve without the ball it will be another uphill battle with or without Wighton.

South Sydney Rabbitohs Offseason Player Movement

Ins: Jack Wighton (Raiders), Sean Keppie (Sea Eagles)

Outs: Hame Sele (Dragons), Blake Taaffe (Bulldogs), Jed Cartwright (Knights), Terrell Kalo Kalo (unsigned)

South Sydney Rabbitohs Predicted Starting 17

1. Latrell Mitchell
2. Alex Johnston
3. Isaiah Tass
4. Campbell Graham
5. Tyrone Munro
6. Cody Walker
7. Lachlan Ilias
8. Sean Keppie
9. Damien Cook
10. Tevita Tatola
11. Keaon Koloamatangi
12. Jai Arrow
13. Cameron Murray

14. Siliva Havili
15. Tallis Duncan
16. Tom Burgess
17. Jacob Host

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