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Weather Betting Odds For March 25 - Where is the max temperature line set?

  • Sportsbet has released its over unders for tomorrow's weather
thermometer Australia
What will the mecury top out at tomorrow? (Getty Images)

Weather Betting Odds For March 25

Online bookmaker Sportsbet has released its over under markets for the max temperatures in Australian capital cities this Wednesday.

Perth is expected to be the hottest city tomorrow with the over/under set at 34.1 with Darwin almost five degrees behind at 28.2. Melbourne (17.9) and Sydney (22.5) aren't expected to produce stinkers.

 Weather Betting Capital City Over/Under Odds

Sydney Weather at 2pm

Sydney Over (+22.5) -  $1.87
Sydney Under (-22.5) - $1.87

Melbourne Weather at 2pm

Melbourne Over (+17.9) - $1.87
Melbourne Under (-17.9) - $1.87

Brisbane Weather at 1pm

Brisbane Over (+26.4) - $1.87
Brisbane Under (-26.4) - $1.87

Canberra Weather at 2pm

Canberra Over (+21.2) - $1.87
Canberra Under (-21.2) - $1.87

Darwin Weather at 12.30pm

Darwin Over (+28.2) - $1.87
Darwin Under (+28.2) - $1.87

Adelaide Weather at 1.30pm

Adelaide Over (+20.7) - $1.87
Adelaide Under (-20.7) - $1.87

Perth Weather at 2pm

Perth Over (+34.1) - $1.87
Perth Under (-34.1) - $1.87

Hobart Weather at 2pm

Hobart Over (+19.2) - $1.87
Hobart Under (-19.2) - $1.87

All odds provided by Sportsbet and were correct at 6.20pm AEDT

Weather Betting FAQ

Can I bet on the weather?

Yes you can. Punters are able to wager on what temperatures capital cities will hit at a specific time during the day.

What weather betting markets can I bet on?

Punters are able to bet on the max temperatures as provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.

What capital cities are included in weather betting?

Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are the capital cities punters can wager their weather bets on.

What do the bookies base their weather betting results on? 

The Bureau of Meteorology publishes the max temperature results daily, which bookies then use to assess whether your over/under bet was correct.

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