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NHL Winners 2023/24 Betting Odds - Who will secure the Stanley Cup?

Last updated: 25 Feb 2024
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Ben Darvill 25 Feb 2024
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  • Who will secure the Stanley Cup in 2024? 
  • The Vegas Golden Knights are the reigning champions 
  • Odds from bet365
NHL Winners 2023/24 Betting Odds
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

The 2023/24 NHL season is heating up, with the biggest competition in the game returning for another enthralling campaign. 

At the end of the 2022/23 campaign, it was the Vegas Golden Knights that came out on top, and they are priced at $15.00 with bet365 to win again, with the side currently among the favourites. 

NHL 2023/24 Winner
Edmonton Oilers$9.00
New York Rangers$9.00
Vancouver Canucks$9.50
Florida Panthers$10.00
Dallas Stars$10.50
Boston Bruins$10.50
Colorado Avalanche$11.50
Carolina Hurricanes$12.00
Toronto Maple Leafs$12.00
Winnipeg Jets$13.00
Vegas Golden Knights$15.00
Rest of the field$19.00+
Note: Odds from bet365. Correct on 25/2/2024

With the new season well underway, reigning champions the Vegas Golden Knights are among the favourites at $15.00, but they will see a lot of competition, according to the bookies. 

The Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers currently lead the way at $9.00, but they both have all of the Vancouver Canucks ($9.50), Florida Panthers ($10.00), Dallas Stars and Boston Bruins (both $10.50) for company. 

Next in line come the Colorado Avalanche ($11.50), Carolina Hurricanes ($12.00), Toronto Mple Leafs ($12.00) and the Winnipeg Jets ($13.00). 

The current season sees the Bruins and Rangers topping the divisions in the Eastern Conference, while the Stars and Canucks have gone well in the Western Conference.

Last term, Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights were left to battle in the final last year after a long and arduous season. Florida had come through the second round against Toronto (4-1) and the Conference Finals against Carolina (4-0) relatively unscathed. 

Meanwhile, Vegas won their second round and Conference finals 4-2 as they beat Edmonton and Dallas. They then outclassed Florida 4-1 in the Stanley Cup Finals to secure their place in the history books. 

This time round, Vegas are not seen as the only side to back. They are among the favourites, but it shows the strength of the league and the teams around them that they trail the likes of Colorado and Edmonton in the betting. 

Wagering at this stage can be both positive and negative. If you can nail a bet on a supposed outsider so far in advance, you may get far longer odds than if you bet on them after they start well.

Similarly, if you bide your time to bet on a favourite like Colorado or Edmonton and they then struggle at the start, you will see their odds drift, giving you more of a potential return. With the season still some time away, a lot can change between now and the start of the first game. 

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