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Draftstars Launches Greyhound Racing Tournaments

  • Draftstars' first greyhound racing tournament launches tonight
Greyhound racing
The first tournament starts on Tuesday, March 24 (Getty Images)

Draftstars Launches Greyhound Racing Tournament

Draftstars is looking after punters who are after a daily fantasy fix with their first ever greyhound racing tournament launching tonight.

Worth $5000, the new format will work in the same way the horse racing contests do with points awarded based on the winning dividends.

The format for the new Draftstars greyhound racing contest can be found below.

How Does The Draftstars Greyhound Racing Contest Work?

The greyhound racing contest works the same as the horse racing tournaments with a player choosing one dog per race and the points awarded based on S-TAB dividends.

Final scores will be based on the official S-TAB dividends converted to points. 

For example, a dog that wins and pays a dividend of $12 would receive 12 points, and dog that places and pays a dividend of $2.40 would receive 2.4 points. Greyhounds that win will receive both win and place dividends as points, greyhound that places will receive just the place dividends as points.

Draftstars Greyhound Racing Contests FAQ

What is the Draftstars Greyhound racing contest?

The Draftstars greyhound racing contest is a daily fantasy product for lovers of the dishlickers.

How does the Draftstars greyhound racing contest scoring work?

The first thing you will notice is that there is no salary cap when selecting your greyhounds.
Players will simply select one horse in each race. Points are then allocated based on the S-TAB dividends in each race. A greyhound winning paying $5 and $1.80 the place will be awarded 6.8 points. If that greyhound only places the points total will be 1.8.

When does the Draftstars greyhound racing contest launch?

The first Draftstars greyhound racing contest launches on Tuesday, March 24 with the opening tournament worth $5,000.


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