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What happens if you bet on a horse that is scratched?

Justin Darcy explains what happens when your bet is scratched
We've answered your questions around horse racing scratchings (Getty Images)

What happens if you bet on a horse that is scratched? - Horse Racing Questions

You have waited around all week to bet on a horse that you have black booked and when day finally comes you decide to have $10 on him. 

Just before the race you hear an announcement saying that your horse has been scratched.

What happens with your money? 

Scratchings On Win & Place Bets

When you bet on a horse and it ends up being scratched, you will receive your money back in cash on all bookmakers and at the tote.

If you are betting on an all in futures market, most online bookmakers will not give you your money back as they are not the final fields, meaning you are getting overinflated odds.

For example, if you want to have a bet in September 2020 on a horse for the 2020 Melbourne Cup and, your horse does not end up running or accepting, you will lose your money as if the horse lost the race.

Scratching On Exotics

Let's talk about exotics and multiples.

All bets of a single combination in quinellas, exactas, trifectas and first fours that include a scratching are all refunded.

That means if you have selected two horses in your quinella, you will be refunded your bet.

On the other hand, if you have selected three horses in your quinella including a scratching, you percentage return then gets bigger according to the stake that you placed on the bet as you may still get the quinella with your two left over horses.

Scratchings On Quaddies & Big 6s

When punting on quaddrella's and big 6s, you will receive a substitute for your scratched horse.

The substitute is most commonly the favourite of the race when markets close for that bet.

If you already have the substitute in your selections, your percentage will once again rise according to the stake you placed on the bet divided by the amount of live combinations you have.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scratchings

Do I still get my money back if I don't bet with fixed odds?

Yes, all win and place bets taken on final acceptances will be refunded if your horse is scratched.

What happens to my quaddie if my horse is scratched?

You will receive a substitute and, if you already have the substitute selected, your percentage will increase.

What happens to my exotics if my horse is scratched?

You will receive your money back if you bet is a single combinations. 

If it is more than one combination, you bet will still be alive for a bigger percentage.

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