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Myths Of Horse Racing Busted - The Facts Behind The Industry

We bust three myths in the horse racing industry.
Myths Of Horse Racing Busted

Myths Of Horse Racing Busted - The Facts Behind The Racing Industry

Horse racing has been in the cross hairs recently after an ABC report revealed some of the darker aspects of the sport.

The industry moved quickly to improve itself and deliver better welfare systems, but that didn't stop activists from spreading further mistruths about horse racing. 

We have busting three myths in racing that may put racing under the spotlight in a negative manner.

1. The Whips Hurt The Horses ❌

The first thing about this statement that is wrong is the use of the word whip. 

Jockeys no longer use whips in racing, but instead a persuader that is made of a soft padding that encourages horses to lengthen stride.

This persuader has been scientifically proven and tested that is DOES NOT inflict any pain to a thoroughbred.

If a person was to hit themselves with a persuader, yes it would inflict some form of pain on human flesh, but the thoroughbred is a 500kg animal, a lot different to an 80kg human.

The last point here is that if they do not want to run, they will not run, they are big animals that contain a lot more strength than any jockey does.

Equine studies have proven that these persuaders aren't delivering jolts of pain but rather a reminder to keep the horse's mind on the job.

2. Horses Go To The Abattoir After Racing ❌

This issue was highlighted on an ABC program that seems to have stuck in many people's minds. 

What was televised on that program was something that the industry cannot control, as only when a thoroughbred is purchased by someone who would sell them to an abattoir would they be sent there.

Once a thoroughbred has retired from racing, generally they are re-homed and have their new owners and full time carers take care of them until they are no longer able to and, from here they are sold on to new owners.

Statistics show that 90 per cent of thoroughbreds leaving the racing industry are re-homed directly to the pleasure, equestrian or breeding industry, while a large number of the remaining thoroughbreds are re-homed with owners and are taken as home pets.

So for anyone believing this myth, we have just supplied the stats to bust it.

3. Horses Do Not Enjoy Racing ❌

Thoroughbreds are born to race through bloodlines. We should not have to elaborate on this but we will for anyone who believes this myth.

We have seen in a famous racing case, the mighty grey Chautauqua go from the best sprinter in the world to one day, deciding he no longer wants to jump from the barriers.

He planted his feet and refused to move, so the training team decided that he would retire because he decided he did not want to race.

He was then re-homed as part of the Off The Track equestrians.

Horses cannot be made to race against their will as they are much more powerful than any jockey we see aboard them.

We can conclude that any horse racing is happily doing so and running under the highest care possible for equine athletes.

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