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Tiger vs Phil II Betting Odds - Tiger Woods favoured by the bookies to get his revenge

  • Phil Mickelson took out the first match up between the star pairing
Tiger vs Phil II Betting Odds
Bets.com.au Staff 08 Apr 2020
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Tiger vs Phil II Betting Odds

Tiger Woods is the $1.70 favourite at online bookmaker Ladbrokes to defeat Phil Mickelson if the pair meet again in 2020.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson made waves in 2018 when they participated in “The Match”, a head-to-head match play event which saw the two legends pitted against one another for a winner-take-all $9 million prize pool. Mickelson ultimately won the competition after 18 regulation holes and 4 playoff holes. 

Since that result it seemed the concept was destined to bring about a rematch. 

Robert Lusetich, one of golf's most respected journalists, tweeted on March 31 that not only is the concept likely to go ahead, two of the NFL's biggest stars could be involved in the rematch.

"Hearing Tiger v Phil II might indeed be happening as a PPV event but that the caveat is that each will have a partner. Two names being mentioned? Tom Brady and Peyton Manning," Lusetich tweeted.

While there has been no confirmation that the pair are locked in to play each other in match play once again, it is expected Tiger and Phil will take to the links sometime in 2020 after Mickelson tweeted that he is "working on it".

Tiger Woods also confirmed prior to the cancellation of the Augusta Masters that he's ready to meet Mickelson on the links. 

“Look, he’s been wanting this for a while," Woods said of Mickelson.

"It might be the last time we ever contend at the same major, because he’s so old. And if we’re talking track records, mine is pretty good here, too. So sure, whatever he wants to do, I’m in.”

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