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Punters Cop The Worst Beat Of 2020 At Super Bowl 54

Big props to Pointsbet for refunding punters who took this wager!
Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes delivered a heart-breaking loss to Pointsbet punters (Getty Images)

Punters Cop The Worst Beat Of 2020 At Super Bowl 54

The Super Bowl is one of the the most wagered upon sporting events of the year but punters who took the Patrick Mahomes rushing yards over bet found out the hard way just how cruel the game can be.

Mahomes, who was awarded the Super Bowl MVP in Kansas City's win over San Francisco in Super Bowl 54, had his rushing yards set at 30.5 for the night at Pointsbet. The Chief's QB exceeded that total by over ten yards late in the game which would have had backers rejoicing coming up to the final whistle.

The prop bet was all but done, the cash was ready to hit the lucky punter's accounts after a stellar rushing game from last year's regular season MVP.

But from there, it all went backwards for Mahomes backers.

As the Chiefs had the game in hand, their star quarterback took a knee to run the clock down in the latter stages of the match. This move won Kansas City the game but cost Mahomes rushing backers their wager as it shaved 15 yards off his total.


Thankfully the good folks at Pointsbet didn't profit off this anomaly of the game and refunded all their punters their cash back in the form of real money, not bonus bets.

Still, it's little consolation for punters that had that sweet win in their hands only for it to be ripped away at the last moment.

Let's hope 2021 doesn't throw up a worst beat than that, because that is just about as sick as it gets.

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