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2021 Brownlow Medal Specials - Exotics and Special Markets

Last updated: 17 Sep 2021
Bets.com.au Staff 17 Sep 2021
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  • The 2021 Brownlow Medal count takes place on Sunday, September 19
  • Bookmaker.com.au and Betstar.com.au have launched some specials
  • Latest exotics odds and special markets
wines bontempelli
Ollie Wines and Marcus Bontempelli are among the favourites for the Brownlow (Getty Images)

The Brownlow Medal is upon us and leading bookmakers have launched special markets ahead of the awards ceremony on Sunday, September 18.

You get bet on the outright Brownlow Medal winner and see out tips, punt on each team's Brownlow Medal votes winner or get extra value via the special markets.

Bookmaker.com.au and Betstar.com.au have launched some specials including the latest exotics odds for the exacta, quinella, trifecta and winning margin.

The latest Brownlow specials are below:

Brownlow Medal Exacta Odds

Odds from Bookmaker.com.au

1st Ollie Wines, 2nd Marcus Bontempelli $8.00
1st Ollie Wines, 2nd Clayton Oliver $9.00
1st Marcus Bontempelli, 2nd Ollie Wines $9.00
1st Clayton Oliver, 2nd Ollie Wines $10.00
1st Clayton Oliver, 2nd Marcus Bontempelli $12.00
1st Marcus Bontempelli, 2nd Clayton Oliver $12.00
1st Ollie Wines, 2nd Jack Steele $21.00
1st Clayton Oliver, 2nd Jack Steele $26.00
1st Jack Steele, 2nd Ollie Wines $26.00
1st Jack Steele, 2nd Clayton Oliver $26.00
1st Marcus Bontempelli, 2nd Jack Steele $26.00
1st Ollie Wines, 2nd Christian Petracca $26.00
Others $34+

Brownlow Medal Quinella Odds

Odds from Betstar.com.au

Clayton Oliver/Ollie Wines $5.00
Marcus Bontempelli/Ollie Wines $5.00
Clayton Oliver/Marcus Bontempelli $7.00
Jack Steele/Ollie Wines $11.00
Clayton Oliver/Jack Steele $12.00
Jack Steele/Marcus Bontempelli $15.00
Christian Petracca/Ollie Wines $17.00
Christian Petracca/Marcus Bontempelli $26.00
Ollie Wines/Sam Walsh $26.00
Christian Petracca/Clayton Oliver $26.00
Others $34+

Brownlow Medal Trifecta Odds (In Order)

Odds from Bookmaker.com.au

1st Ollie Wines/ 2nd Clayton Oliver/ 3rd Marcus Bontempelli $13.00
1st Ollie Wines/ 2nd Marcus Bontempelli/ 3rd Clayton Oliver $15.00
1st Marcus Bontempelli/ 2nd Ollie Wines/ 3rd Clayton Oliver $17.00
1st Clayton Oliver/ 2nd Ollie Wines/ 3rd Marcus Bontempelli $21.00
1st Clayton Oliver/ 2nd Marcus Bontempelli/ 3rd Ollie Wines $21.00
1st Marcus Bontempelli/ 2nd Clayton Oliver/ 3rd Ollie Wines $21.00
1st Ollie Wines/ 2nd Clayton Oliver/ 3rd Jack Steele $26.00
Others $34+

Brownlow Medal Trifecta Odds (Boxed)

Odds from Betstar.com.au

Clayton Oliver/Marcus Bontempelli/Ollie Wines $3.50
Clayton Oliver/Jack Steele/Ollie Wines $7.50
Jack Steele/Marcus Bontempelli/Ollie Wines $7.50
Clayton Oliver/Jack Steele/Marcus Bontempelli $8.50
Christian Petracca/Marcus Bontempelli/Ollie Wines $10.00
Christian Petracca/Clayton Oliver/Ollie Wines $11.00
Marcus Bontempelli/Ollie Wines/Sam Walsh $13.00
Clayton Oliver/Ollie Wines/Sam Walsh $15.00
Christian Petracca/Clayton Oliver/Marcus Bontempelli $17.00
Others $21+

Brownlow Medal Winning Margin Odds

Odds from Bookmaker.com.au

Tie $4.00
1-2 Votes $1.90
3-4 Votes $4.00
5-6 Votes $7.00
7-10 Votes $13.00
11+ Votes $101

Brownlow Medal FAQs

When is the 2021 Brownlow Medal?

The 2021 Brownlow Medal is on Sunday, September 19.

Who won the 2020 Brownlow Medal?

Lachie Neale won the 2020 Brownlow Medal with 31 votes from 17 matches.

Who has won the most Brownlow Medals?

Four players have won the Brownlow Medal three times, which is the most.

Those players are: Haydn Bunton Snr (1931, 1932, 1935), Dick Reynolds (1934, 1937, 1938), Bob Skilton (1959, 1963, 1968) and Ian Stewart (1965, 1966, 1971).

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